How Your Story Can Drive Your Success


Wanna introduce you guys to selene gosling. Welcome hello and thank you for having me today. I've so appreciate you taking those. You guys don't know slim. A story architect author speaker for high-profile entrepreneurs one of the coolest things we're talking about here is really how the debris the soul into your business. Which is one of the fun things for me Especially as he really kind of dive into her expertise in working with entrepreneurs to help them get unstuck She helps her. Class breakthrough plateaus reprogram their minds for success. Most really share their most powerful story with world. They can become confident. Leaders with influence brands. International media coverage in thousands of raving fans. I think the part that. I'm most excited about though is slim loves adventure. She's traveling all over the world. And i think it's really again if she left the corporate america seen She lives her life on her own terms. I was just in puerto rico she. We're talking about visiting friends. John lee dumas. Who's on our podcast just recently. But i think the cool part for me. Selena is having the opportunity of stay time with you to really help. People really understand the difference between the public story and the private story. Yes dive into that anything else. You wanna say so they can get to know your local better not married to today everything that they need to know. It will come through in. Today's that's fantastic. Let's dive right into this. Yeah so if you don't mind. I think the most fascinated by is. I know that i've always kind of hidden my private story. The hardest thing for me is publishing on a regular basis. And i'm trying to do more and more that I think i've gotten better ads becoming much more vulnerable. But i think the problem. I see in a lot of the entrepreneurs that deal with is. It's that private story. It's that space between your ears. That really is preventing the for having success. They really want and most importantly really living the passion that dream they they talk a big story but they don't believe in themselves asset something you've experienced one hundred percent even as the end of the the funny but i would say the most interesting part is that it doesn't matter how successful you are so i worked with six seven eight nine figure enterpreneurs and matter because they keep telling in creating this magnificent story on the outside hiring brand experts like cr- the best copywriters in crafting something so that they can share in their work in their funnels in their websites. And then there's always this lack of coherence between what's being put on the outside and then what you just said which is a story that they're telling

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