A highlight from Episode 69 - GUEST Tyler Craft - Firefighting and PB&J Burgers


Welcome to episode. Sixty-nine those five or special podcast. We finally made it. Yeah i mean this was the woman really shooting for. If we could get here and just stop we could but i think we'll keep going amy. It'd be kind of fun of we just wrapped sixty nine just end. It could round number. Well it's good to be back in the studio we haven't podcast and if you weeks so thanks for waiting for us to come back getting caught up you know now everyone can listen the other sixty six one two still on our page is so bad we gotta find yesterday. Got talent craft with us today. Lo thanks for having me. Welcome to the show. We're going to get to know him here in a little bit. We know him a little bit. But we've really wanted to get to know him. We got some great pitchers in talk about some awesome. Firehouse meals concocted. Yes there those got eat. That is very true. So let's take a short break. We'll come back with get to know your guest. The spivey brothers here but who's joining them today. Who is it who is sit back and let's find out together with get to know your guest right. Get to know your guests. We got talent craft here. Let's find out a little bit more. Batum troy what do you got for question here. Let's just let him start this time. Just totally me. Something about fasting days. Yes tyler craft thirty two. I am divorced. And i'm living in a van town by your kids are listening. No i do not live in abandoned by the river. Thirty to live in auburn. The table i live in california. Grew up with these guys going to pillow vista playing a little ball there. Yeah my girlfriend. Jill with me We've been together a couple of years and some change. What i'm lefty. I'm a fireman Like muscle cars and being outdoors and baseball. When we get back to doing that are going to those games Shoot man pretty pretty easy pleaser. Light beer we brought some tonight. We did feeling good. I'm here now. The listeners can't see what we see. Unfortunately we'll you just if you could describe your look right now. How would you describe it with the facial hair and the haircut. It's like a james hatfield eighties handlebar moustache with a kenny powers. More going on actually. Maybe we're achey break your heart going on right now. It's saying joe dirt. But you like joe dear dear dear dear with joe dirt's muscle car actually drives right now minus mine betwixt motors. But you all right. Why don't you just tell us what kind of spirit animal you are. I had to really still kind of up in the air. Why isn't everyone we give this weekend. It's a superstar. Disclosing is for two seconds and said manatee and it was over you open. Your eyes looked in the mirror. And you're like i think that's word manatee. I remember like a comedian talk. Manatee was pretty funny. Jim gaffe again jim. I would say seek how she. I would like to think i'd be a dog like a leg labrador. I like just getting the car car. Car play ball law driven squirrel. Then i see so distracted. That's probably you know like we had a we had we. We are bulldog got older was twelve. She passed march but bulldogs did

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