A highlight from Michelle Green Rhodes (Ep. 19, 2021)

In Black America


From the university of texas at austin k ut radio this is in black america well a lot of different factors but really overall we can just say covert nineteen really was born out of the pandemic. But i'm need that. You could say everything. I feel like that i kind of went through in life led to that point meaning the nursing having seen the numbers haven't seen how much we spend in certain zip codes because people didn't have health care which means they were thicker. Sometimes they were using up more dollars or indigent care like it really doesn't snowball and a lot of things which i discovered. Well i mentioned in the letter from the editor in the magazine's is some of this. Isn't it beyond the patient is not necessarily them Just making horrible choices in their lifestyle. It's because of the factor the factors conditions around them. Meaning you know. Transportation access to healthy foods access to a decent grocery store or for money to pay the rent or pay for their medicine taking a choice in the you know. Most people don't have to choose that though. There are a lot of factors around healthcare that make a person present the way they present but she oh road. Ceo michelle rose media llc in tampa florida four-time author and editor in chief of the coal of wellness magazine according to the american action form dot org recent estimate attributed ten to twenty percent of health outcomes. Medical care thirty percent to genetics forty to fifty percents to behavior and twenty percent to the social and physical environment. That means more of the work in terms of wellness happens outside the hospital. I'd non medical factors the color of wellness magazine designed to address those issues. The world is magazine is written by african american nurses. Many of them are educators on a daily basis. So what better way to share what they already do and two populations that really need them most. I'm john johansen junior. And welcome to another edition of in black america on this week's program that color of wellness magazine would enter and chief but shell rose in black america. That was the the statistic that like broke the camel's back. Those feed the made. This happen when i get here. I've ever looked believable. Is ron tober of the numbers. Three times more black people were dying versus whites for and some areas up to five percent Or time excuse me so yeah religious. Like whoa made me stop and think. and so. From just that you know being stricken though cystic edge you know what it's time it's time to birth this dream i defend self publishing a while but I took what i learned from the self publishing books and transferred to into a magazine format something more widely accessible for one but people can take it around. It's more friendly lots of pictures colorful versus reading a book So so it just can get the message in sometimes. Sometimes those pictures take with you a long time versus something that you re read as well so i decided to go down to magazine route mazda on january twenty twenty twenty one. The color wellness magazine was created for a place for nurses share their wellness expertise while helping the vulnerable communities in which they serve as season health professionals. They observed multiple health disparities. He's at work at home and it play but but usually at work. Yeah with this first hand. How the lack of health literacy and in deficiency of wellness principles in the african american community play a pivotal role in the health of our population. This is spirit. He can't be allowed to continue. Which is why the panel. african american. Nurses have come together to shed light on various issues that affect their vulnerable populations. The goal is to get in front of the problem this a day to day approach. The magazine will offer sound guidance and start discussions about important issues that predominantly affect people of color and women in black america. Smoke with rose from home in tampa doing super bowl fifty five week saint petersburg florida wanna raise. Yes sir Give us an example. What was life like wearing up there. Oh my well we live out. Excuse me With saying the less advantaged part of town but full. I remember times with lots of family My mother came from a big family. I was the only child. She had eight siblings. So grandmother's house was always the place to be and Just really good time overall. We had a really good time. Family has grown and separated over the years. So i had some good memories back home. So what was your favorite subject while you're in school science science girl. Yeah so let me into you healthcare. Because i really enjoy just understanding human body how it worked him how fascinating that was so low. So fam- you your first choice. The only choice. That's a great question. I liked that question. No actually i was accepted to three three college three colleges but don't cook man south florida and fam you but family you had the they gave me the most money. So that's why i chose them.

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