Speaking Access with Christopher Mutch


Computer access is a barrier for a lot of individuals with varying levels of impairment vision. Mobility cognition can greatly affect the user's ability to fully access. The computer for work for school or for leisure or guest today is christopher much and he's the creator and owner of speaking access. And he's here to tell us all about this new exciting technology christopher. Welcome to the show you josh. Thanks for having me. Oh you're very welcome while. I'm really excited to get into talking about the technology but before we do that could you tell our listeners. A little bit about yourself. Yes i will. And the reality is i went back in to a few of your episodes. Just gotta sensor style. So i have to think about the answer a little bit more honestly than i thought. I was too and made me do soul-searching ashley because the answer i originally had was quite technical and kind of boring but the real answer. Once i thought about it was i with a grandmother who is in a wheelchair and to be blunt. She's really my only in for And it wasn't that she was in a wheelchair that identified or it was. She led her life and in a wheelchair and then let her hold her back. It was the first time i've ever seen technology. This was back in eighties and nineties and she was in wheelchair and at eighty. She would drive for five thousand miles every year and she had a cadillac. Big old cadillac. I remember the old green cadillac. Vote and then. She'd had this little tree on the back and then she'd go on this like huge road trip and she had a special thing that allowed her to drive a car. It was way back. I if i describe it but yeah the water to drive cars hand right. And that's where. I realize that technology could change. Like technology changed the picture for people right in the sense that technology can adopt to the user like for example my new software blind people actually have an advantage. Because it's an audio program. So that's what got me into it. The other thing that I just wanted to point out that also was born liquid pilots so that putting situation to my youth needs to be a little bit more empathetic to people that stand out in society. If that makes

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