Interview With Arthur Breitman Of Tezos Foundation

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I welcome back to reimagine in january. Twenty twenty one years until we made it through two thousand twenty guys good works everyone's and so in keeping witness teams of this year. I've crusty old and bring you the best most intelligent most important most influential voices in the space today. I suddenly live up to that. Promise being joined by author. Brightman co fan of tesla's in one of the romanovs crypto founders and things in the space of the best performers exempt. Today's hey thanks for having absolute pleasure all right. I like to kick things off at the start of a year. A theoretically depending on how you count a decade in some people's minds is a good time to be speculative but also a little bit introspective apps. So honest conversation by asking. You all know you know what e general what's keeping you nuts caffeine mostly and beyond the chemical chemical duchesne's now i pretty well but I would say. I worry about could be crisis On the one hand we have a vaccine which was built in just a couple of days with no live simple as virus just data on the internet and nasa triumph of science medicine. And once you would have expected. In a sane world is challenged and media distribution and themselves that there's been an approval process going on since every and even then even after old awaits the distribution is completely screwed up and i think it's kind of like peelings. Avail on our halloween. Effective garments can Doing anything

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