Lakers' Drummond Shows Promise Against the Heat


Andre Drummond, but we've only seen him up until tonight. We only see him for 14 minutes in purple and gold and he got hurt and against the Milwaukee now here he is back tonight twenty seven minutes. That's a lot of minutes 549 from the field 12 boards three assists two steals. No blocks three turnovers five thousand but fifteen points off of 6 from the Line run. Let's start with you. What good and bad. What did you like and dislike about what we saw out of Andre Drummond tonight? And and what do you think about him moving forward? Yeah, so I mean we we talked about it during the game. I texted you guys that basically if he can work on just catching the ball firmly the first time he touches it and not bottling it and get it get swiped around he's going to be incredible. He I mean look fifteen points and 12 rebounds two steals. He did have three turnovers, but I think two of them were in the office like two minutes of the game when again he was like bobbling the ball all places and couldn't get it a hold of it. He'd Butterfingers for the first like five minutes of the game, but once he settled down and just it's one of those things he just accepted the role that he's in he did not try to do too much. He didn't take any of those bad like dumb hook shots that he's known for he didn't try to do any of that stuff. He just played his game. He got rebounds wage jumped the ball and he had some pretty good passes to I mean I point Drummond is an interesting concept.

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