Almost here, families getting ready to hit the skies. That story's coming up at 3 45. Right now. We go to Bloomberg Business who ships have not sailed from American port since the start of the pandemic. Even his other travel and entertainment options become available. Ships remain docked on orders from the Centers for Disease Control. Our new McDonald is the chief executive of carnivals, 40 best restaurants, hotels, resorts air travel, We would like to just be treated similarly to the rest of the travel and tourism sector. The CDC opened the door a little bit after Carnival said it might move some ships to ports outside. US Theeighties Insee said midsummer sailings might be allowed. But with restrictions Florida went so far as to sue the CDC and the Biden administration over the prolong closure of the industry that is vital to the state. For now, At least, Arnold is hoping to resolve concerns through negotiation. We have an opportunity to discuss with the CDC, any administration to make sure that we do have something that's workable, and hopefully that would allow us to be able to sell in July. I'm Jeff Hullinger Bloomberg business on WBZ, Boston's news radio. Good idea

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