She would sit in the car in the parking lot, listening to the game on the radio


Wrap up of the series comes tomorrow afternoon at 1 10. This is the Hall of Fame Highlight with Reds historian Greg Roads, We honor the anniversary of the debut of the late Chuck Harmon in a red uniform. Chuck becoming the first African American to play for the Reds on April 17th back in 1954. Of course, the major leagues have been integrated since Jackie Robinson debuted in 1947, but Chuck still had to struggle with race relations is he came up through the minor leagues. He spent the 1953 season with the Reds minor league club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It also was a segregated city. It's ballpark had separate seating for African American fans. Chuck's wife, Pearl was light skinned. And on opening day 1953 at the Tulsa ballpark. She found herself and her daughter directed to the white seating area. But when another park employees saw Pearl's daughter and her darker complexion, he ordered Pearl to move. The whole scene was tense and uncomfortable for Pearl. Who didn't want to do anything to threaten her husband's chances of making the big leagues. And sometimes after this episode, when she went to the games, she wouldn't go inside.

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