A highlight from Tribuna #28 Cammie Gilbert (Oceans of Slumber/Ayreon) - Uma Trilha Sonora Para O Meu ltimo Dia


What are your top three metal albums in twenty twenty top three mental albums and twenty twenty eight year. He has a lot of ideas. My first one. The mon wizards. Because you know i love the user and like garden and we waited for. I think. Thirteen year so listen. this album. Fencer often of ovation and the other one. I repeated repeated a lot of times and mathoma throw of courses oceans of slumber. You know that's cool. You know ocean of his lover is also in my top. Three altogether with hinder by Paint so vision. Fantastic phenomenal album as well and i would have to include Ocean rise by colleague colleague. Horse which is a great weird frog released from last year. And what would be your top three metal albums. Twenty twenty. I listen to. I was all over the place. I guess a lot of a lot of listening album release so my own album. The fact counts awkward. And then it'll i. I definitely dabbled in a lot of kind of other generous. This this last year Let's see i know. Mark lanigan don't know of he and album necessarily out this year now i. I'm not sure if they had all but eight counts counts know something. You're into for for while kimmy. Can you hear us you. your screen went lack. Yeah okay no probe level. Just make sure you can hear us. That's a podcast. So filling scheffer texas f automating t instantly celtics speedy bone addi- shows through the flow. You'd have qualified. Today's isn't couples. Mice foul you might follow. It's almost as we think it costs a bunch of maine to commute for. His brunettes was moving. She cami gilbert do oceans of the slumber cami be welcome on the podcast high s. Thank you for having a applauded for us g zell. The who's been talking to for a while. i can tell you man. She's a serious candidate for a keg. Gilbreath number one fan in brazil. I can tell her that they're probably number one in kiel sony's the number two. Give him Let us on this a little bit more about your career with his lovers. Is lumber before singing at ocean. I we work somewhere. You had the opportunity to be an opening act for ocean of slumber on another phase of the band. Help her to understand is a little bit how they work south you open for dam and then afterwards you were hired what happened yes so there was a benefit show here in houston and i was just kind of been a little thrown together ban and they needed someone to open the show They had a band drop off so they needed a kind of just an opening slot. And there's a jamboree downtown that most a good portion of the metal bands in houston share and so oceans. Lumber room is right next to ours and they asked me to come Or the asked the band with to open A friend of they're not oceans so when we got there i was a little bit nervous because it wasn't a metal band is kind of a post rock band. I'm lightens the the metal show or not metal band. I don't know how about doing this but we did it anyway. And oceans dubber and. Everyone was there and they're like okay. Well she is really awesome voice. Let's let's see if she wants to be like do do do it or do something on the on the new album coming out and so There singer just had a lot of kind of personal issues and things to handle and while the album winter was being recorded. He kind of left And it's kinda hard to track down so they're like well we need to figure out you know something to do and i had been there into their like. Would you like to re record the album and be be on the album and help us can finish it up and so i was like sure and so then from there. I stayed in the band that started as a gag became a full time job. That best ever. Yeah absolutely rumored and when it comes to found sounds capes. Oceans of slumber is nothing conventional. And how you build the notion of slumber while it's we we do a lot of listening. We love music and we're always exploring new music exploring the music that we love very deeply and it sort of sits with dober- and sits with the the guys and he kind of gives a theme or an idea or sort of an atmosphere that we're going for an everyone kind of contributes. What they feel like fits. That dollar matches it up together. You know works it out or the have different writing sessions and songs. We come together from there You know with with such a diverse background with what we like what we listen to. It's kind of you know just organic that we have these different utilities to of pull from and what we choose to put together actually Here on one. I do review. I've met them review every morning. Six am from monday to friday. And because of that. I even several different jan roth and that gives me this background where i can listen to now. An pretty much understand how they they wrote that that wound that specifically song. We've only a journey. That was an cognitive. Because i have to listen to it and tried to figure it out. how much of that comes from your influence. And how much of that come from

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