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Pursue instead thirteen year old adam too late was killed. Police say a gun was found at the scene. The officer screamed at him. Show me your hands. Adam complied turned around. His hands were empty when he was shot in the chest. So far police have not released any information about the officer. They arrested a twenty one year. Old man who they say was with toledo at the time. You're ruben roman arraigned. Saturday was charged with child endangerment and reckless discharge of firearms. Chicago's mayor became emotional today. Talking about the video no parent should ever have a video broadcast widely their child's last moments earlier this week toledo's family saw video and did not want. It seem immediately but today they agreed. It should be viewed by the public and they called for calm now that the video has been released. The city is on edge tonight and bracing for more demonstrations less thank you in. Minneapolis high drama and the murder trial of derek. Chauvin the defense resting its case and the former police officer making his decision on whether to testify about the death of george floyd our gabe duty errors has late details. It had been one of the largest questions looming over the trial whether derek chauvin would take the stand in his own defense today the answer i will invoke my fifth amendment privilege. Today show told the judge without the jury in the room that he would not testify advised. You i've gone back and forth on the matter. Would be understanding. Is george floyd younger brother. Rodney says it had been on his mind out hoaglund. See

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