Coinbase Lists on NASDAQ


It's ten o'clock at night. You know some people. I know it's a little bit light but it's coined by celestino it. So i one on jump on and have a little bit of a look. Yeah a little bit of As willing to total there for those you don't Coined by stu haven't go to sell button. Which is actually quite funny in australia and advanced group company. Billions of dollars. They nail on the nasdaq. But i don't have a cell button in australia. So he can boy and a lotta people getting bitcoin. If that was their first app. And i think it's a scam. 'cause you know he can blow. You can't sell anyway anyway. So yeah the bts coin base. We've come a long way. I guess back in the days. Anyone like look forward to that we achieved. I guess it's just assad effect of the company's maturing in the spice being even more comfortable with the companies we've always said that guests coined by the probably one of the most important definitely because they do things throughout why you think about even cracking her. A little bit lied that also in europe. I've always had to do everything the right way. And sometimes that's held back a little bit innovation coins. Can i least those types of things but it is really important. That i do things right. So that he. They are on the stock market. And even if you know if nothing else comes of it and you not a fan of that. And i know a lot of the the early safa punks probably on. It's gonna get out of the noises of multiple but when he those now business a crypt. Exchanges is making you know x. Billions of dollars a quarter. And you think about well. How many people really encrypt. And you don't people by the kryptonite. Kryptonite hold it.

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