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Degrees. We have mostly clear skies in Boston. It is five o'clock on this Monday morning. Thanks for joining us. Welcome back to the work week at five o'clock. Here's what's happening later on this week, we will be feeling like spring temperatures will be up into the sixties. If you can believe it. However, we got to get there first as it'll be a chilly start to your week. We'll watch for those clouds to increase late in the day, and that's just indicating that milder air beginning to work on in mainly dry conditions. The next couple of days and temperatures will slowly tick up and that is WBZ TV meteorologist Sarah Bless Qi. Highs today only getting up around 35 degrees, however. Warmup begins tomorrow, and it's going to be with us The rest of the week could have several days of 60 degrees plus love more on that exciting forecast coming up here with traffic and weather together. In just a few moments. Me time at five all won a skier injured at Nashoba Valley ski area in Westford on Sunday skier colliding with a building that was off one of their trails now the show that has a statement out, saying a young male collided with the building and suffered injuries. Westford Fire Department also confirmed they

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