Healing Your Body After Alcohol With Bryan Bradford


Hi brian how are you doing good tricia. Thanks so much for inviting me tonight. Of course i'm so happy to have you. I know we go back a long long way. Known your family for almost thirty years and talk. Yeah your sister definitely started working for you guys twenty years ago. I miss you guys all the time. But after knowing you guys for so long and hot in for shopping at this flower shop for so long i know you are the guy to go to when it comes to talking about like more natural solutions for for repair essentially and for just for overall health. So what i did was like crowd sourced. And i got all the best questions from everybody and they are dying to pick your brain how they can recover in sobriety so i have won the honor of being the biggest erred so yes definitely be happy to answer those well. Let's get the party. Started the number. One thing that people want to know about is sugar cravings eliminate alcohol and then all of a sudden. We're dying for sugar. How can people deal with this in a healthier way. It's a great question. Tricia in is not just for alcohol. I mean this is type. Two diabetes is probably such fast growing disease in our country. Right now and so really. It's blood sugar. Prominent everybody is happy and so when it comes to that question. I always like to talk about the chemistry of the body a little bit and some people get bored with chemistry. But it's important understand our body a little bit more so you can understand why we do this and not that and so i like to talk about the hormone cortisol. Most people heard this hormone. Because it's your stress hormone so when you're under stress your body produces more cortisol. The problem is actually to other things that drive cortisol to go high in the body beside stress. The second thing that drives cortisol is is inflammation. And we know that alcohol can be one of the contributors of inflammation and the third thing that tribes cortisol up is drops in blood sugar. So when we were going through drinking binges or maybe eating too many carbs sugars you were just causing your your sugar to spike and crash throughout the day and this also made this hormone cortisol do the same thing so when this cortisol mechanism gets engaged. You're basically engaging most people know asked the fight or flight syndrome we talk about fight or flight all the time in recovery for sure. That's right. Because i like to talk about it on the chemistry level because we all heard the term stress did no one knows what that really means to the body. So i'm gonna put it in trying to pitch this through our audio here. What cortisol is that fight or flight hormone which means you were designed to run away from danger but you really weren't meant to eat and run at the same time so what the body does particularly what cortisol does is that when cortisol goes high is suppressed Digestive function. so this is a lot of people are not hungry when their cortisol is. Hi how many of you are waking up in the morning and you're not hungry till eleven twelve clock. That is not normal. We've most of us should be hungry as soon as we wake up. Because we've been fasting through the night but that's not way most of america's going right now so this is leading to an issue really of this sugar dysregulation so maybe night we had too many carbs. We are chocolate and popcorn and glass of wine percent people then basically. We spiked her blood. Sugar up in when that blood sugar starts to crash. Cortisol starts to go up so when we are suppressing our digestive system with this cortisol hormone. And now you decide to eat that piece of chicken or that hamburger whatever it is that protein yours. Your digestion has an acid in your stomach called. Hcl that's supposed to break down these proteins but when it's under suppression. The food sits in the stomach. Too long inserts to ferment. And so a lot of people start experiencing some bloating or belching or more gas sometimes. If it goes on long enough it turns no heartburn indigestion and then these undigested proteins that undigested piece of chicken that did not break down very well starts to go into your small intestines and now your small tested that proteins too big to be absorbed properly so your immune system starts to attack that piece of

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