A highlight from Adventures in Babysitting (Baby Moses)


To story comes from this chapter to levi man who leave out woman had a baby normally. This will be a cause of great celebration but there was a problem. These israelites were living egypt. Where farrow had created a policy for all baby hebrew boys to be thrown into the nile as a way to keep the quickly multiplying israelites. At bay levi man or woman had a baby boy so yeah there was a problem. The boy's mother hid the little baby for three months. Not an easy task by any means. Every time in egypt guard would come visit for random spot check. The family would trust the baby up like a cat and convince them that their catches me outward every time the baby cried well the egyptians bot it after all they really liked cats so they were not going to offend the cat even though it looked and sounded a bit different after a while the jig was up she can no longer disguise the baby as a caveat in any way shape or form. That was marginally convincing. So the boy's mother embarked on a new radical plan. So woman we've basket. She completed it. She played the baby in the basket and place the basket in the river. Her husband asked her. So what exactly is the plan here. The woman shrugged it a workout. Luckily the baby sister. Miriam had some common sense. She kept pace with the baby boat as it drifted down the river. Numerous reads hidden by the tall stocks. Young girl watched and waited to see what in the world would happen to the basket. She of course was hoping for the best. Had been hoping this baby born would be a better brother than her annoying brother aaron so she felt extra sad about losing this little guy it just so happened to be the prince's bath time her third bath the day. Actually she and her servants were just about to happen. The river with a rubber hippopotami to play with when the pharaoh's daughter saw the basket along the rates. Curious she children's servants. Bring that to me after. Close inspection of the basket. She removed the lid. There staring back with big round eyes of wonder was a baby greeting her. The baby wailed its head off. the princess. said this is a hebrew child But she was smitten. He had a pity on the poor thing. Those cute this is when mariam quietly slipped out of the bushes and pretend to be just one of the servants. She said the princess. Should i go find a hero nurse for you. So that the child can be nursed. Pharaoh's daughter didn't even realize the random girl who just joined their path. Time party wasn't one of the servants. Yeah that works. The princess said theirself all the joys of child rearing but none of the work seems like a great arrangement mariam's smartly went to her mother and explain the whole situation. Her mother chest is her for sneaking into the prince's private area. But miriam shot back that. Their mother randomly put her baby in a basket and soon data crocodile infested river. They both agreed to disagree. Her mother agreed to go nurse her own son. When mother and daughter returned to the princess the princess said to miriam's mom go nurse. The child and i'll pay you for it. It was literally one of the sweetest deals. A poor foreigner woman could receive an egypt at the time. She took the job extra glad that she was reunited with her own son and that she didn't have to dress them up like a cat anymore to keep him at home when the little baby was older his mother for the second time in her life gave the baby away. But this time at least her baby would be raised up in the palace away. Cheaper deal than sending him to college later. Oh at pharaoh's daughter named the boy moses because you drew him out of the water despite his name having a weird origin story houses got all the perks and privileges of growing up in the palace he was raised as one of the egyptians always grand for him. Well for now anyway. What's frustrating about. This text is that we don't actually see them motives of the characters. I added my own opinions at the psychology of the people involved in story. We don't know why moses's mom put him in. A baskin sent him off down river. We don't know why miriam

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