A highlight from REPOST: Found (The Lost Sheep, Coin, and Son)


We are pulling an episode from the archives. Today enjoy oldie but goody. We'll be back next week with a brand new episode. Are you ready to hear great stories from the bible with nice dose of lighthearted humor. It's time for the bible but funnier with your host jake. D'auvergne today's three stories. Come from luke fifteen. Jesus was hanging out with his buddies in this case tax collectors and other characters than his people considered centers. Some of the religious teachers grumbled to themselves about this scene saying the status guy hangs out. Needs these terrible people. But jesus hand grade hearing so casually. He launched into some stories he hoped would prick the teachers hearts. He cleared his throat and launched into the first story. Let's set the stage. Say there is a man with a hundred sheep but he has lost one of them. Don't you think you would leave the ninety nine that are safe to go on a journey to find the lost one when he finally finds his sheep. He doesn't schooled him column. Bad boy he puts on his shoulders rejoices when he finally gets home he calls his friends and throws a party sheep themed of course but he has a wolf shaped pinata to pieces. Sheep guests i mean. He couldn't throw a sheep pen. Yada that would that would just be insensitive at this party. The party favours say things. Like i love you. And i hope you have a really good time. It was a big hit. Let me tell you there will be more join heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety nine righteous people. Who don't need the repentance. Jesus tried to get the message across another story. Suppose there is a woman who had ten silver coins a good bit of money being about ten days wages yet she loses one coin does she slough it off. Does she go to bed. No she tries to find it. She lights the lamp and sweeps the house searching diligently and every crack and crevice she rest until it is found then walla there it is. It had slipped through the cracks nestled itself behind her bed. He also found some she had forgotten about after finding this coin. Do you know what she did. She throws a party aucoin themed party. Of course the local party supply store lacks any decorations party favors in the theme so she had to get creative. She designs a game pin the roman empire on the coin and has a coin toss into several clay jars designated with different point values. All our friends and neighbors come over to rejoice with her that she has found her loss. Coin it's a grand old time. Several guests would later saves the best coin themed party they had ever gone to. But that's just their two cents. Let me tell you. There is great joy among the angels of god everytime one center pence a few of the crowd were nodding their heads. But jesus knew that the sheep and the coin landed lessons. Were just not working for them. So he choose to launch into another parable this time with more character development and details once upon a time there was a man who had two sons the younger son will call him prodigal said to his father ops. I know you aren't dead or whatever but give me my share the property so his father divided his property and gave chronicle his inheritance prodigal liquidated his assets so deal in cold hard cash then he gathered all the money he had to his name and he took off to a far country. However prodigal was very well prodigal meaning. He was reckless with money and lived extravagantly. His parents should have known better when they chose the name in fairness he tried to invest some money in start up his buddy told him about. The business was promoting a new invention called the inter net which was a fishing net. The has second fishing net inside of it didn't take off. Though after prodigal had spent everything he had to make matters worse. A famine rose up and hunt himself in great need so he hired himself off to a farmer and started feeding pigs. Do the absence of labor laws. He was not getting paid a living wage. He starts a long for the scraps of the pixel eating then. He thought to himself. You know my father was hired hands of more than a food. perishing from starvation. Travel back to my daddy. Oh and hope you'll hire me since no longer worthy to be called as someone. So prodigal went to his father while he was walking up to his father's house stats saw him from far off rushed him. His father hugged him tight. Particles said dad. I have sinned against you and against god. I no longer worthy of being called your son. Please give me a job applications. I can apply to be one of your servants lawn. Since his father declared we are throwing a party to his servants he said get the best robe and put it on him but ring on his hands and shoes on his feet and bath might be a good first thing to do each smells like he was rolling around a pigsty. Then my men cook up the fattened calf. Let's celebrate for my son was dead. And now he is ally lost but now he is found a servant. Quired is going to be a same. The father thought hard. Nothing really works. Well for this scenario. I don't know how we use them in random like the roaring twenty s. Go that during this whole time. The older brother was in the field. We came back to his house and heard the bang in music from the hottest liar player in the land. Hey sign everyone was doing colleen shuffle. He asked to serve it. What's going on here. The servant replied. Oh your brother has come in your father's party you'll need this fedora. To enter the older brother was angry. He refused to go in not just because he didn't like the fedora. He didn't like this scenario at all. His father came out to see what was wrong. The older brother said look many years. I have served. You never disobeyed your commands. I never got a party like this. But when this useless son of yours comes back the same go squandered your property and hung out with the sketchiest people and has done nothing useful. You throw him a party. This looked at him son. You're always with me and all that is mine is yours. But now they're your brothers pack from the dead and has returned filling the celebrate. He was lost and is found. Doesn't that mean something. So jesus finished that story and looked at his audience.

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