EP191: The Essential Guide to Photographing Your Hair Work with Dan Thomas - burst 6


Will keep things simple guy back to the one model as well. There's nothing stopping you from. Also video videoing the content that you produce that day as well. Let's use an imaginary character here that have come to you one model and they want to do. You could be as creative as say tonight hairdresser. Don't we get video content from news as well. You could do that in the same day easily. It has to be again. You have to plan it out and particularly with. Let's say the one model that's easy if you're doing a full be ha collection. If you're let's say you're doing full. Vha collection you're going full at least eight to ten books in a day. That might be a little bit more difficult still achievable with a really good team. But then we're talking about high budget then but yeah if we're talking about is one to two models if we think about it beforehand and we go okay. What kind of kind of looks you want. What kind of style you on we create these face can clips or even a minute long and built up like a little noodle bank different footage that we can time that in. Turn into van for the climb little kind of anthrax.

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