Richard Crooks-A Chapter Of My Life - burst 04


Rapidly. And they were in the limelight wednesday where the decline was setting in. And i think you being kind in how you describing wednesday because wednesday would call an doubtedly wednesdays lowest stabbing factor just a plug another book that An order written john dyson. There is a book called our lowest ebb wednesday and it relates to the nineteen seventies. And it's a fascinating ingredient. It just shows how much a famous bake so-called can fall and the impact. It has on people because people have as you well know and people will know very emotionally attached to their focal club and he has a real impact on people. Absolute like almost fainting to division four as well deny who coined credible shook down the spine. That it was it was a last game. Decided it would be wednesday or southend. United relegated into division four. I actually wasn't always wait university of the time. I couldn't get back on the phone to me. Daddy got the phone next to bbc. Radio sheffield commentating so it cost me a lot. Attempt coins that but in the end was To two wednesday but that was at the hell of a relief and there is a connection to you and say thin. But we're not going to talk about because we want people to read the book. There is also toss of a coin to the university that you decided to go. And that was for footballing raisins. But we're not gonna italian body by that because we want them to read the book and it really. There's a lot of humor in the book. You also will you. Too big sheffield wednesday supporter. You went and worked at line on the turnstiles didn't you. So you seen football in sheffield from another angle as well and that was an experience and a half absolutely right and we. This is seventy three. Four season wednesday went doing particularly well as a young teenage light of wanted some money and automate certain found out there looking to turn celebrators at bramall lane and would mean we can go to the wednesday away games many of anyway so we went down. We take on the tone. Subtle practices and experiences were invested comas. Something else and remember three three particular games there

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