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Feel like i feel like vaccines for mir right around the corner. Feel like i'm about to get that shot and then guess what you're gonna go blackout at the bar and it's going to be a while from now but i was over at my buddy's house a couple nights ago who's a phenomenal musician. And we were talking about it and like you know early in my career. I went to like three or four shows a week when i was doing radio. Just kind of part of the deal like you wanted to have your finger on the pulse of what's happening in nashville and you know it was also one of the perks. That a twenty something kid. And i got free tickets to everything because i would talk about the show you know before and after on the radio and there was a time my life which i loved it but there was a time in life i was like oh my god i got into another show. I can't i can't die. In now what i would give to see live music. I would go see terrible bands just to be like i'm back in a bar drinking a beer. I go see like a children's musician. I go to rafi right now at hotel cafe and just get blindly drunk and love every second of it. I dismissed live music so frequent much. It's ridiculous speaking of on the show today. We've got someone who is actually putting on a live show which is hard to do these days. Do zooming all this crazy stuff. Technology needs some high speed internet elon. Musk probably needs to be involved in sending down some internet. I don't know how it works. But i know they've got an awesome live. Show coming up and listen. I know. I think believe we are about through this. Like you can't go have fun anymore. Time but till then my guest today has a really cool idea how to actually experience some live music. Can you get blacked out. Drunk on your couch still live music. Yeah you can't. He's figured it out doing a live show from nashville mile stop and grounds coming up on march twelfth. We'll tell you all about an a bit. But i do the whole thing where i like like get you ready for it. This guy one of the most successful american idol non winners in the history of the show. Yeah he is. He's on season five. That's going way back right. He's a multi platinum. Grammy nominated musician before going on american idol. He was a service adviser at a car dealership in north carolina. What got to hear about that. Oh he's not. Just musician is an actor as well. He's been on csi new york. He played judas in a musical tv movie. He was on the masked singer got second place. And he's one of the most beloved people to come out of american idol. His record sales speak for themselves on the wells cast today. We have the one. The only chris daughtry guys. This is a show. You do not wanna miss.

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