A highlight from #123: Play for the Exhausted Parent with Michelle Batten


Adoption connection podcast. I'm super excited for this episode. Because as you know. I stink at play and we're talking this week about play and not just any type of play but how to engage our children in play in a way that's therapeutic but also recognizes. That were tired absolutely well. Our guest this week is michelle baton. She's a trauma responsive parent coach. Who has a master's in human development and she helps foster and adoptive parents define the needs behind their kids behaviors and explore creative parenting solutions. She grew up with an adopted sister. Numerous foster siblings so she is well aware of some of the challenges. She's a certified parent coach with a specialized focus in trauma a teacher educator and a safe and sound protocol practitioner. Her passion is to help parents navigate the complicated behaviors of their foster an adopted children and she's a specific interest in

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