Jury selection in trial of Derek Chauvin is set to begin after delay


Former police officer whom prosecutors say pressed his knee on George Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes. The months since boy's death last Memorial Day video of the Black Man struggling to breathe while pin face down during an arrest has been viewed worldwide. As NPR's Leila Fadel reports. One of the biggest hurdles in this case will be seating an impartial jury. Despite the state's objections. Judge Peter Cahill is moving forward with jury selection today until he's told otherwise, he briefed jurors before the process began. Do not read about this case in the newspapers. We're online and do not listen to news about it on radio or television. The court expects it will take up to three weeks to seat a jury. The challenge will be finding jurors who don't already have strong opinions on the case. The video of George Floyd's killing reignited a movement against police brutality and systemic racism that spread around the world in advance. A call for jury duty was accompanied by a 14 page questionnaire. That included questions on race policing, the black lives matter movement and even podcast. Potential Jurors might listen to Layla Falzon. NPR NEWS Minneapolis The U. S House is expected to take up President Biden's nearly

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