Topps to go public through SPAC deal as baseball card company ventures into NFTs



Going to start with tops. yes tops. The company best known for baseball cards and bazooka gum is going public with mudrick capital acquisition. Corp so yes people. We have another spac on her hands. Michael eisner who used to be the person running the walt disney corporation is the chairman of tops. Eisner is going to remain in that position. You tell me. What can i interest you in a few shares of tops. Yeah i'm interested. You know chris. I sometimes make fun of so many that are coming out. We all talk about spanky stocks but to me this was because it gives you an entry into the collectibles market now there are some publicly traded collectibles companies funk. Oh comes to mind. They make those great bobblehead collectibles. You can purchase online or in stores but the opportunity to embrace to invest in baseball card. Collectibles is really neat. You know tops is not a small company more. It's been around for a decades sales last year. Rose twenty three percent year over year. Two five hundred sixty seven million bucks. This is going to be not an immaterial deal. The company will have about five hundred seventy one million cat in cash from the merger. I really like that. Tops is branching out into the most cutting edge type of collectible stare into. Nafta's non fungible tokens for those of you who are crypto enthusiasts. They have digital collectibles. I think last month. They introduced a godzilla. And if t collectible so this is not your father your grandfather's tops anymore. And this is what. I like about spags as much as i. I make fun of them personally. Sometimes they're giving you opportunities as investors opportunities to take part in sectors of the economy that we might not be able to aspects of introduced a lot of us to new avenues into alternative investments in the cloud cope. Collectibles market is an alternative investment avenue. That i've been interested for a long time.

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