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We hope you enjoy the talk morning. I hope you're all doing well as usual Go to say something about practice. Now maybe maybe easy just to do it just to get on get on with living but today i am going to talk about one of my zoom row. She's favourite collins in his father's favorite collins. Nice leaves one of mine too. And this is This weaken kohl's himself mass states Case twelve out of the woman con by Amada okay so the main case day masters wegan used to call himself masta. What answer yes again. He would call thoroughly awake thoroughly awake and he would answer yes. Yes do not be deceived by others any day or anytime no no moons commentary old sweeten himself buys and sells he has many puppet gods and devils with which he plays but why look one is calling one. He's answering one keeps awake. Juan is not deceived by others. But if you get stuck there that's not it. If you would to imitates wegan it would be the understanding of a fox. The verse the reason those who learn the way don't realize the truth is simply that they perceive the discriminating consciousness. They've had all along. It is the origin of endless life and death. Fools take it for the essential south. Well the the poem is quite quite striking. This and that way you know the reason. Those who learned the way don't realize the truth is simply that they perceive discriminating consciousness. They've had all along. You know it's just like Obviously this is move on the the person that did these these this calling collection an nfl on move. You know he says little has or has not in the mind is lost in confusion. And as far as i'm concerned that's that's really true. As soon as i stopped to reflect on a myself or even even people around me a little hassle has not in the mind is lost in confusion his true then. I just get confused. Will you know what is it whilst this other place this this enlightenment or whatever you know the important thing is as master ins is says grasping us but never name. You don't need to get involved in the will of the complications of being. Just get on with it do it. Use it wherever you are. In this case we have gone. Who is a student of guarantor very great master from the tang dynasty apparently sweden live Live somewhere between eight fifty nine ten. We're not quite sure when but he's very famous for this call and possibly another one but anyway In this one is kind of interested in. They say he said this before enlightenment and after enlightenment. This wasn't something he said. After in lyon this like his whole life through unlike most of the things that have deep effect fact tunnels as human beings is is the the practices that we do the reminders of of who we are what what what our life is. Just in the same way that When when the buddha was was revisiting his teachings of the the path changed he changed them at the end of his life to one little know how to be satisfied. Enjoy peace and tranquility. Remember who you are the next one. I'm i'm looking at right now. Remember who you are. And so this is this is touted. The admonition of the masters wiegand. Is you know what he goes masta. Are you in and again. You know the masters the one that is no boss above. There's no bus above them. They're the ones not only today so cold. Practice master on a on a daily basis. But they're also responsible for the For all of the How things work and how. They don't work the eisenhower. All one of those guys true many. He said the books stops. No that's that's something that does not often happen nowadays. It seems like people trying to avoid that seriously seriously in that way when when when a person owns that. That kind of thing is that They own the whole thing. It works great. If it doesn't then find a way of getting through and this is this is a very important thing. In terms of so-called send practice is that you're the boss you know you're the one that has to live with the things that you do your the ones that has to live as your universe the life that you have on a on a momentary basis Sweden's just echo in masters through throughout Throughout time all the way from shacking muni buddha right down through Toes and down to to master duggan. Who learned symboli- Sensibility from The ten zo. Thientong waf- He saw the old ten zo work in drying out. Mushrooms in the and doganbey an a student coming from japan taken a three month journey very dangerous journey came over to to learn about said seizing work in there and will. Shouldn't you be focusing on the dhamma. And having somebody else do this work for you. Prob somebody younger and the tens. Oh just said If not me who if not now when be pulled main. that's very similar to my style. You awake is if you find yourself in a situation then own. It may make it yours. I mean a lot of people come and go through them practice and various practices but they don't tend to own the wherever they are no matter what place they go to. This is my life. And how i live. It is the practice it's not. It's not a matter of what i get from this place or what this teach. He gives me after members of the on a similar A similar case where muster. Oba rinse is teacher chased. Everybody out to the hall and said you're all gablers of drags

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