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Hi everybody welcome to. We say things episode ninety nine nine. My goodness we're almost there. I'm so excited where to triple. Digits which is. I genuinely didn't know what to expect. And we started this podcast but one hundred episodes pretty damn good that we can retire. Then i think we can be done the fact that it coincides with. They assumed to be a ginormous patch. Very excited about that. So it's gonna be it's gonna be a doozy but this we're going to talk. Very little about bruce which is fine. We're probably going to talk a little about it anyway because you probably haven't watched it but we get to that to another time without be interesting. Wouldn't it and that would be great. Twist to the the whole got killed me anyway So before we get started as per nor my friends. Thank you to our beautiful patrons in the in bruges here. I will go the first half this time around. Thank you to our caution gaming. Cultist here to beat suns fan with mediocre. Play style indeed. I am the author and this seemed like a cheap way to promote my book. Looks like syndromes right. I can't remember the name and it was a dragon episode. Something dragging tam was a us next week. Textured fell kantar underscore prime life-size suns fan body pillow. Ultra hawaii addition. What the scary. What the devil. Where on another level was screaming. Show me the money and jerry. Maguire almost collapsed. Because i was so into the performance need to scream it. Show me the money. That's how tom cruise he okay. So he started out saying. Show me the money. Very softly truecar. Boyko asaf gonna throw the mega pope. Shannon cannons dragon men in cr- canyons with abandon scott in god him. Ti in new zealand as a tongue twister. I don't tell all right. Let me try that one for shannon cannons dragon man in canyons with abandoned scott and them. Ti in new zealand. Thank you xavier to. It's the capitalisation really. got me. xavier cabins suns. Fan pudge omega l- nate thick ozier one hand scripts mrs fellowship. The pink things should come back to return of the ping bacon bacon the other bacon and challenged patriot on before me to a wrestling match winner gets to eat soon. Males us guys. He's got it whatever it is. Do you think is going to win that guy or bacon. that's true that's a tough one go ahead. I'm cheering bacon all right lick shark. Tm lion spam or go all right now shannon you. It's been popularized because of the major great your love lion. Novi panda dopp eating choice. Nick makes you happy and healthy. Underscore man spreading covid nineteen at an alarming rate by attending the weekly ben.

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