Why You Should Not Settle for the 'Counterfeit' Woman

Write Your Legend


We cannot found her settle for the counterfeit. And I'm joined by coach Natalie and Coach Cynthia highly Wow. Let's get into like really what the counterfeit means like. What is that even mean so we can kind of tell these men that are listening. What why we wanted to do a podcast like this and what don't settle not settling for the counterfeit actually means Natalie. Oh, yeah. Well, I mean for me when I think about it and I keep hearing counterfeit, I think of like that old school bank robbery, but then like you go in and you think you're about to make millions of dollars, but then you actually wind up getting blanks and you get the song that like they shoot purple in your face and then you might going to go anyway and all you had to do was like go to a better bank or like be a better burglar or something or like not trust your friend that said, hey, hey, we should take our Mass off when there's a camera right there. So so basically essentially breaking it down after that is a counterfeit woman is it's that woman right before you Actually going to find like your one on this woman is someone that you know, if it's not it's not a good fit like you're sitting there pleasing her people-pleasing trying to prove yourself to this person and it's a wonderful way of like growing and getting out all the things that you need to get out before you find your your next one your soulmate your end-all-be-all but this is the person where it's like they you know, it's probably someone that's indicative of your childhood or your past or someone who's emotionally honestly emotionally unavailable and you're constantly having to like play games in order to keep this person and that's why it's a fake. It's not it's not the real deal. You're constantly going to have to be being emotionally available yourself or you know pushing someone away or acting like, you know, oh, I'll go to the games here. I can't show any emotion and it's like it's not going to it's not going to get you where you want to be which is like feeling emotionally safe having a partner in crime and and finding your, you know, your your end-all-be-all your your zombie. Apocalypse partner

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