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Hello mel billow. Feel todd bridges yet and of course his running mate. Todd nick. shay todd todd. what's going on. He gets great. I running mate. I got a man that was back might be the incomparable young age. No no no. I love how to make sure the todd nine. We've got a lot of comments. I want to make sure that i'm now. I'm playing favorites talks. We have so much that we share not just our roots massachusetts untuckit love and all those things. I want to make sure that they're a little bit of a le- level playing field here on the yourself out that i'm working on it so we've got a fun show ahead. It's not just going to be some zan. Darnold talk and there will be subsumed. Donald right off the top and also. We're going to do an exercise where mel in todd. Or he's going to draft the team so twenty two total players starters offense levin starters on defense. We're going to have them go back and forth so one button todd or mel start and we'll go from there. We'll have some fun seeing how they view the top forty four players on the board through this contract. Let's start with the same trait. And i did see mel's reaction on get up earlier. Tuesday melt a sam. Darnold goes to the carolina panthers in exchange for a sixth round. Pick in twenty twenty one plus a second round pick and a fourth round peg in twenty twenty two. How do the panthers do in this transaction. Early well maybe get a little bored. They wanted to You know not saying. That's because they kind of desperate for quarterback this long in the process of the kind of the well was willing basically drying up at quarterback. You didn't even know what eight there will be a quarterback. Still there for you. As no guarantees made the quarterbacks that they love already locked into team but wilson a two mac quarterback at four with that said to get sam darnold twenty three years of age in a division with matt ryan. Thirty six and the saints figuring it out after drew brees. Tom brady not being able to play forever boots. I was not as i won't. Sam pod was by light sam. I'm right behind josh allen. Nothing has changed. What did he do wrong. I mean yeah you make some mistakes. We saw goals since new england. Take him away. One game played pretty well. That year finished wrong all three gears. You'll get the numbers they showed. You can blame this leg of the players around him. I think respected what. He brought to the table with quarterback position of carolina waiting patiently. Maybe they did pay a little more black in the end of the day. It's an eight plus free. I can joe. Douglas the gm for the jets a lot of credit to for being patient. You just mentioned patients seeing where the market slowed seeing san francisco. Moving up from twelve to three. Go to go get a quarterback zoom. Ably we all think matt jones or could be trae lance from north dakota state but ultimately joe douglas waited. He wanted to scout these quarterbacks. Get to talk to them. Get to know their them in their families and go to all the pro days and be around these guys before. He made an ultimate decision to move. Sam darnold and now they have jets do seven picks for two rounds of the next two drafts in ten picks in the first three rounds of the next draft so therein position after again. Presumably that they're gonna wind up. Say zack wilson from byu as a quarterback of the future that number two overall pick they got nine more picks in the first three rounds of this year's draft in next year strap to put guys around her and that's what this fruit the prior organization didn't do they didn't ever get great weapons tight. End wide receivers running back. They didn't keep guys there and they really didn't have any consistency and knowing joe is well as i do. Have grown up under ozzie. Newsome in in the scouting world. If you will and just knowing how ozzy handled everything was always patients taking advantage of teams that were desperate for players like carolina was desperate for quarterback and then drafting guys and building a foundation with high character. Guys that love football that play hard. And that's exactly what joe douglas is going to do. And now in position to do it over. The course of the next two drafts. Some mail i do believe is tired of saint. The jets are well positioned to not just draft a quarterback but surrounded with talent. I think one of the interesting questions that i'm asking and i'd be curious. Your opinion is do you think. Carolina was motivated to acquire sam. Darnold because they didn't believe that any of the five presumptive top quarterbacks would be there at pick eight and they couldn't find a package to move up. Where do you think it's possible that as the winds are currently blowing in the direction of trevor lawrence. Zack wilson mack. Jones go one two three the bay belief. Sam darnold is a better prospect for them. Now going forward than both justin field entry lance couple of things. First of all. I think with the player they target with a shawn watson. Had everything not been complicate. Obviously with the off the situation with shawn watson dealing with right now then you russell wilson while he wanted to go to fourteen. Carolina wasn't one of those. So i think they really wanted to get the immediate franchise quarterback that could take stuff. Great heights. didn't work out that way. Then you go to updated the draft. Well once trevor to zach threes mac so they had max jones at the senior. I really am macht frei. I try lot it enough. That's three to get jedi quarterback. Justin feels now. They could have gone off to get jones. They did make that move. The forty niners made that move so for me right now at eight. The quarterback that they love may have been gone they have been already accounted for and they felt like sam darnold if we put him. I've said this thi- you can chime in what you think you put them in this draft. He's my second highest rated player after trevor lawrence. So as twenty. Three years of age actually could be strapped. Same age as translators quarterback industry or than sam darnold. So for me sam. You already went through the trials and tribulations and they all say to me be troy. Aikman it peyton manning a senate when you get beat up to throw interceptions. You make mistakes you learn. You need that sam donaldson. Add that it's renault. Salt of his own. Your coaching personnel around him. He is wary is right now. They always say hey. You appreciate things more. When they're gone. Sometimes you'll appreciate which have always looking for something better. The next best thing gen seen yet. I don't know if that's the case here. But i'll tell you what they didn't get one before receivers could move down kept sam darnold booth down. That's and still got one of those receivers they didn't get. That's the negative for the jets. But the positive is zack. Wilson and not arm and arm talent and now it was Point you're talking about fresher desert and have the picks and they're going to get the personnel dopp and sam's gonna be a carolina. No four receivers are going to be doing their thing. You better have you better. Have a tremendous quarterback. Coming up. Zac wilson that. I talked to that rule at the senior bowl and he said specifically we lost eight games by one score and we just need a guy in the fourth quarter can go make that draws and i think sam darnold now leaving the jets getting a fresh start with better weapons of better supporting casts a better defensive put him in stronger positions on the field gives them an opportunity to to have the success of that. I thought that. I know you thought now coming out of usc that he was going to have in the league. He just didn't have that rejects. So this is an organization carolina. That's taking it eight. And they knew that they weren't going to get the top three quarterbacks. After sanford moved up to that number free sought. And maybe not one of the top four quarterbacks and went with a better prospect if you will in sam darnold than what they could have gotten as the fourth or fifth best quarterback in this year's class so it makes all the sense in the world. I think the jets are winners because they get additional picks and they're trying to rebuild their mortgage organization from the draft and carolina gets a quarterback that can actually in the fourth quarter. Get those drives done and putting them in a better situation to succeed. I think it's a win win. For both of these thieves will have nothing else named in a much better spot to succeed. If you guys have alluded to the weapons he has round carolina. Much much better and that doesn't even include whatever they could do it at gate whether devante smith or maybe a kyle pits or peninsula sitting there at pick gate for carolina. That offense could be good in

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