Denver Mayor Boasts About Hosting All Star Game Moved Out Of Atlanta


League Baseball's decision. I wonder how people in the Atlanta area how people throughout the state of Georgia People who love the state of Georgia feel About the mayor of Denver, bragging about all the revenue the Denver is now going to collect because of Major League baseball's dishonest Duplicitous messaging, pretending that the Georgia law suppresses votes and moving the All Star Game out of Atlanta. Listen to the Democrat mayor of Denver. Michael Hancock. Hold the steam this event. Is about so much more than the home run Derby or the game itself. There will be plenty of week of events activities for the whole family throughout. Downtown Denver and volunteer opportunities for nearly 2000 people. Those benefits. Are far beyond I will last far beyond July. Some estimates this event will mean more than $100 million impact to our local economy. That's incredibly good news for our small businesses are restaurants or hotels and our workers. We have struggled and suffered through this pandemic. It took a true team effort to get to this point. That's like that's like somebody trolling. The world. That's a troll. It took a team effort. No, it took a gutless, spineless instead of executives that Major league Baseball didn't take any team effort on your part. What team effort? Did you put it? And his family. Mr Mayor, What do you say to the black business owners and the workers? And the hard working people in Atlanta who are now gonna lose all that revenue because of this ill fated decision. What if anybody's gonna ask the Democrat

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