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And we're back. It is April 5th. We're 5 days into the second quarter. I know just like that second-quarter. Yep. It's crazy. So how about this is a good topic now. I'm not sure if I'm in love with your title to be honest with you, but it's still good. So Julie wrote 12 strategies to stop toxic people from driving you nuts. Now whole toxic part that words overuse don't you think of a Blake we could call them crazy people we could call them. Oh, no, not stressful. People crazy is definitely a protected class. You gotta watch out that yeah, but I'll work on people but the the take-away there are as valid right twelve strategies to stop, you know jerks from driving you nuts. How about that? Yeah, I'll tell you why why I brought this back up cuz we have talked about this on podcast before is I've had several conversations and I've also heard on clubhouse with jerks off no more like, you know, really good agents and Brokers having to deal with the anxiety that's out there either from prospects our clients, but unfortunately oftentimes Thursday. Our agents cuz they especially on the buyer side. They're just all totally stressed out and it's I call it like age and on age and violence though. It's not violence. It's just like psychological violence and I was reminded by with somebody that you know, you you have to take the high road. You have to be the professional cuz you don't know who's going to be the next one with the listing that your buyer needs to buy and you don't know whether you're going to be the listing that you've got to deal with somebody who's best qualified buyer was somebody that you just had a fight with over some back and forth. So I you know, I guess from a coaching standpoint. I feel their pain, but I'm kind of tired of hearing about the back and forth home. Sometimes it's coming from the client themselves. I'll tell you there's a lot of renegotiation attempts going on four people. The one that I just heard about on our Facebook live. Was it for sale by owner that got themselves in contract filled up contract, you know dealt the whole listing thing was fine and two weeks into it wants to renegotiate with the agent. Why because probably somebody is coaching them in the background, you know found out they were in contract. Well, you're not dead. That are you so these guys have a lot of stress and I want to help them manage it. So for that reason, I think we will use the word toxic cuz that does not just a few examples now that I'm listening to your description of why you chose that word. I can definitely see what I'm talking about. But you know it just scanning your points in. These are great points really very well written. I will there is one thing is that we should have as a preamble to point. Number one. Some people really are just sociopaths. That's true. It does exist. Yeah, and there's a certain I remember when you and I are selling real estate. It was Rory the taught us that one in every hundred deals. You do the people were just going to be crazy basically and maybe with whatever word you want to use. They're just going to be people that you cannot make happy no matter what and some people are just like that statistically a certain percent of the population, you know, it's there either marginally sociopathic or sociopathic when they start experiencing any sort of stress. And so the people you meet when you go out to list their houses, the first time you eat with them showing a house is might not be the same person that they are as soon as they're having to log Great any kind of stress through the negotiation process, you know, let alone having to compete if they're on the buyer side all that type of stuff comes out. So that's the thing that ultimately to be successful in this business long term. You've got to be a good mix of you know, really? Dr. Phil, you know, seriously a dr. Phil Meats. Here's the other thing. I was going to say too. It's again as a good Preamble Point wage, you know, I said, dr. Phil but here's the thing good doctors. They know how to show emotion without being emotional and that's another good Safeguard to protect yourself from being emotionally sucked into some of the you know, some of the crazy The Vortex of bad behavior and toxicity do use Julie's word. That's out there in the marketplace right now. So do you seriously consider those two facts? I mean the simple fact is is the best way of rising above all of it and not letting people think, you know, a lot of you're going to make the mistake of becoming a little bit too callous to it and that's going to drive people away. So you can show emotion without being emotional where that specifically will play out is if you log, Dealing with the you know buyer that didn't get a house in the real upset or a seller didn't get something in there real upset. Listen, you know, Julie. I really appreciate the fact that you know, you're experiencing what you're experiencing and just breaks my heart for you guys. I was really hoping you guys will get this house, you know, look we didn't know that the other offer was going to come in where they're going to offer the person, you know, a hundred million dollars over asking but what are you going to do? But here's the thing. I've discovered being in real estate long time or here's the thing I've discovered just in life in general. If you've not been in real estate or a long time is that and you may have experienced the same thing Mister buyer or Julie. This is something you may have experienced. Is it generally speaking things work out for the month the reasons that we don't necessarily know for example this house you could didn't get that maybe the reason you didn't get to discuss the house. Next one. We're going to discover is ten times better for you than this one was and had you basically sold for this one, even though you thought you really wanted it you would never have seen the second one, which is actually house that you're going to stay in longer because it does fit more of your needs. So that's the way you gotta show most without being emotional and move. Future pays people to where they're going to how they're going to feel after the stress is gone episode keep the client, but that goes back to the whole dr. Phil thing and you can learn this from doing a lot of transactions. I mean Julie and I sold thousands of homes. You can do it the hard way or you could just essentially, you know be coached up and to learn how to do it. So you don't lose deals along the way because if you don't and we're going to get to Point number one, if you don't build somewhat of a home somewhat of a wall around your emotions, that's when you get really burned out because you're going to be having to constantly Karen feed all of your real estate buyers and sellers and you can have nothing left to yourself while alone for your family life. So the show emotion without being emotional thing is really important and also moving people away from their present emotional state of feeling fear and panic and towards the future emotional state a feeling calm and Serene. These are all just little things that you're going to pick up as we go through these twelve points before Julie gets to point. Number one. I remind all of you it's not too late for you to download the real estate treasure map.

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