Your Brain on Facts: Trivia Round-Up


Let's kick this off with a fact number one about the guinness world record. It only costs five dollars to apply for a guinness world record but if you want an official adjudicator with a stop watching a clipboard to come watch you do it. That'll run ten thousand dollars. An adult queen bee's body can be twenty five percent ovary by wait until sixteen. Seventy people thought that high f- life revolved around a king. Be a shocking assumption. I know until one was examined under a microscope. And the biologist was surprised by the size of the king's ovaries skylight. Charlie see-saw half moon regretful. Climb silence mill and patriotic shorter art racehorses. They were nicknames for the guillotine. Oh fellow brainiacs. I'm dan pugh. And i'm shana harrison. According to the oxford english dictionary. Elvis has left. The building is used to express. The finality of situation on a person has died or made a dramatic or notable exit as early as nineteen fifty-six the phrase was commonly used as a public announcement at the end of singer elvis presley's concerts to inform the fans. There was no possibility of his performing another encore so it was a literal usage. The phrases earliest figurative use was an allusion to his death on august sixteenth. Nineteen seventy seven. My favorite is to use it. When tents argument has just ended and both of the people in a storm off and then me and the other bystanders. All like oh. That was really weird. Yeah i could really lighten the mood. Join us on a whimsical adventure of idioms and other turns of phrase on bunny trails word. History podcast the groundbreaking movie. Akira was the most expensive anime when it was created in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight costing seven hundred million yen or about six point three million dollars five point. Three million euros adjusted for inflation. That's about fourteen million dollars today

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