A highlight from Navigating Career Turbulence


Wondered where fortune cookies came from or why so many used car. Lots have those inflatable guys outside. And there's a podcast. I think you'll love ninety nine percent invisible from pr xs radio. Tovia and unite percent. Invisible is about all the thought goes into the things we don't think about the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world you can listen and subscribe to ninety nine percent invisible hosted by roman mars at ninety nine percent. Invisible dot org or wherever. You get your podcasts on. I was a little. I was four years old on my first airplane. Ride and we got to go up front in the cockpit because you could kind of do that back then. It was totally dark. No moon over the atlantic ocean. There is like a billion stars in the sky. I went back and told my mom. I wanted to be a stewardess and my mom to her credit. You might wanna think about being a pilot there you go. That's what i wanted to do from then on. Sharon pressler has flown lots of different kinds of airplanes. Since then including fighter jets. She was the first woman in the. Us air force to fly the f. Sixteen it's just always been the coolest looking airplane that bubble canopy the big engine and let it has the highest g tolerance which is nine times the force of gravity on earth which is significant. It can do anything. Sharon's had an extraordinary career spanning more than three decades. Recently after fourteen years is a pilot with southwest airlines. She hit her particularly bad patch of time since her whole industry did a captain who always brought chocolate for the flight attendants. And i'd go give him some chocolate. Even if it's breakfast time it's okay to have chocolate for breakfast. You go in. That changed my first flight. After we kind of really understood what was going on with covid. We had a bunch of those clorox wipes so i took those to the flight attendants instead. I'm like anybody wants to. The pandemic had a catastrophic impact on the airline industry and southwest eventually offered buyouts. I hadn't even really thought about my retirement moment yet. Because i had ten more years to fly. I was planning on leaving but after some serious reflection she chose to retire. There were a couple of hundred retired in the same two week period which is unheard of despite all the turbulence sharon no. She's lucky she looked beyond the horizon to a new career. More

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