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You started in two thousand. Seventeen with an icu. Boom and. I'm sure that the media's all over that at the now Especially with this latest bull run I'm sure that the everyone wants to hear about it. Know about it. Your stories us as a very exciting time. But i feel like with a two thousand seventeen. Ico boom it was a lot of excitement. And then everyone was interested was on the front page mainstream media then like the bubble burst and all the mainstream all right this is just a fad and they forgot about it and then now we're seeing with this latest bull. Run this excitement again so on one is there any hesitancy on the on the part of the mainstream media their little. Wary that okay. Is this just another bubble. Are they kind of scared to lean into it of a skeptical or are they excited about it like like we are. I am so that there was talk last week. Sorry i'm not sure his co. out but there was talk of how it's not as knowing it's not as noisy and bitcoin eighteen k and even just as we speak right now. Nineteen a It's been quieter like quieter than than before Perhaps the all time high had Had already been nineteen case. It's not like new news so probably a waiting until like we're all waiting until it hits twenty k. And then anything else. The twenty k. Will be like the old time high right. Because that's we're at the way media works in you know. In general journalism is like image not new. It's like just you know it's it's not like a gonna make headlines yet I think this time round. I think from from the lot like from two thousand seventeen in early twenty eighteen it's the regulators that kind of Yeah they were kind of clamping down on ice ios. The in the us sc was like kind of clamping down on on on activity in this space. And i think that that added contributed to the negative stigma. That ice us in crypto had But i think like the company's the innovation in this space like the fact that they're still companies being built with the technology on the technology Shows that like it's a real industry is not just a bubble like it's that they're they're still companies that are building today So i think this time around. It's more of like. I think when we hit twenty k. That's when people will start paying more attention and Yeah i end this time round. It's because within the industry. We kind of know what this means but to the outsiders still they're kind of yet has hit twenty k. As i think they just let's hope let's hope that they don't realize a little longer so i could afford to buy bitcoin event. Let everyone on the party. But it's kinda crazy because you know like you mentioned to. Someone was teaching you all about it and i know when i first got into the industry. It's a lot to learn. And i wonder you know as someone who's trying to pr for a specific project company. I it has to know what laura blockchain and then they have to know what. Bitcoin is and then because before even trying to sell your product. Your product is predicated on the success and instability of this underlining new technology new concert new currency so when you're actually do pr for for a project. Or how important is it to know tied in attach. Bitcoin to in or any crypto. Like how hard is it to explain the technology or know you. Just tell cool story how this is going to make it like that. Yeah that's a really good question. And i think the knowledge gap because the nausea is wives with like newcomers encrypted but the knowledge gap is getting wider. The industry gets so like bitcoin is what like twelve years old now and i think yeah like going. It's very important to enter. The space right. Now is still early to still understand the basic so to actually still go back and read the bitcoin white paper any new a team member. That joins my team. I make them read the bitcoin whitepaper. There's also this other university called the university of recosia maybe University has a program to but they had this like introduction to digital currencies. Course like. I always encourage my team to do that too. I think it's very important when you're communicating What your company does like. Especially even this year with defy exploding. There's a whole other level of complexity to even talk about decentralization. You need to go back to the basics But then there's the other argument where like soon. We want these applications to be easy like these web three point applications to be as easy as web two ones but at and just like how. Today we don't need to know what goes on behind google and internet like we don't need to know the basics. I think with crypto. They're still Like fundamental points like the fact that it is decentralized the fact that when you own your on a cold storage while like what that means how you store that like there is more responsibility for the holder of cryptocurrency. 'cause it's not like you know it's not like he can like i know this coin base where you know they have your password and everything off my possible but you know people still need to know that if you have like a cold storage wallet your or bitcoin it and you forget your password or you. Forget your pin. There is no bank. there is no one that can help retrieve that for you. Like new are responsible for that. I think we need to still remind people that like. That's how you interact with crypto today.

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