Mohegan Gaming Set to Operate First Tribal Casino in Las Vegas History


Our guest is gaming. Attorney bob harrison hall of fame member dollars bob recession. Welcome to gambling with an edge. Always a pleasure. Thanks for having. You're quite welcome in your book. The law for gamblers entitle. Your chapter on tribal casinos as indian gaming o. m. g. w. t. f. The chapter tells gamblers to beware of gambling at indian casinos because of the protection of the us citizens are entitled to are not always honoured at travel casinos now. The mohegan sun in connecticut is a tribal casino. And next week they're opening up. What used to be the hard rock casino in las vegas and is calling it virgin casinos. Which is an interesting name for las vegas casino Do you think there we should treat this as a tribal casino or just a regular nevada casino. My best guess is. This is a sovereign indian tried entering into the open american market and they won't have any Saverin indian protections in that sense because this is not an tribal land. It is an american transaction within the state of nevada and within our system commerce. So i'm pretty sure that. The nevada gaming control board in the nevada courts avi of stuff that would apply are going to apply to this casino in its personnel while acting within the state differences. They're acting in the state of nevada. They're not acting on indian on indian tribal land.

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