Biden dogs temporarily moved from White House after incident


A security guard at the hospital. That's how they that's how they presented it a security guard. I can't think of any. There's no security guards. At the White House. Okay, This is not this is not the mall. I guess I've had major biting. It was major. Okay. All right. That's I thought so. This is not this is not the mall. We don't have security guards. It's the White House. It was probably a cap of being a secret service. Officer like the uniformed Division, or was somebody from the Secret Service? Who's obviously in plain clothes? All right, So it was one of those folks and the dog bit him. And so the dogs air going back home to Delaware. And you know, all this excitement was made about Donald Trump never had a dog in the White House. First president do not have a dog in the line of with run with him. Well, you know, Joe Biden brought Kujoe in Now in the dog's defense. I'm sure it was a little. It's been a little difficult of a transition for the dogs, especially, you know, they're German shepherds. German shepherds are very protective of their owners. And the families they live with. They are. I love German shepherds, but it is kind of a trade. They are protective. They are. And that's how they were bred to be. You know, I mean, there there. They got this dog last gear before biting, hit the campaign trail. And as much as they want you to believe that the dog was our It's just in Delaware. There was already plans for the dogs to go to Delaware so necessarily related to this incident. Basically, there was plans for the dogs to go to a family's friend's house in Delaware during the Biden travels to military bases this week. So the dog from assuming we'll be back after this trip, huh? We'll see. You know it is a look. Let's just look at it from our own personal perspective. Danny, if we were to bring Our dogs like if I were to bring pops to the White House. Oh, God help the White house or you were to bring off fellow They would be out of sorts. Correct. It's not their typical routine. They're typical place. You know, not the first time we've seen a dog incident at the white Yes, 2017, the Obama's dog, but a white House guest 2008 Thiebaud, ashes Scottish terrier, Better reporter so

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