But will be a very interesting day of bitcoin cash ever gets to the point


In you see is as days go on its slowly going up and up and up until the right and it's currently at seventy percent or so price parody of mining for bitcoin but will be a very interesting day of bitcoin cash ever gets to the point where the price profitability paramus equal with bitcoin core or more even more interestingly if it ever rises two hundred one percent or hundred two percent and then minors are saying for the exact same thing i'm doing right now if i just point my hash rate at something else i'll be getting two percent higher profit margins it'd be very quickly to see a bitcoin caches a hash rate explode while i think that obviously had a comment the other day in terms of what is bitcoin and he basically was saying is that the miners has it you know the developers as if the name and i mean like that's a good question like what actually constitutes bitcoin because i don't necessarily know if i believe that bitcoin cash gaining a majority of minor share actually would make it bitcoin i think it's becoming cash yeah there's there are a couple different metrics right there's the current mining support the current proof of war a total proof or work which one is the longest chain measured by accumulated purple work there is the current price in the current market cap and there's the the relatives sort of mining profitability there are different ways look at this money has the interesting property that it's largely psychological you know there's a huge psychological component both with branding which one do people regard as being bitcoin and which when people actually using practice money so they're all these different prop the all these different aspects.

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