Uh he broke his leg any when you went snl than i philbin firm


So so you you addition your touring now other than in vienna where you touring oh we reduce a ski tour so we went to like chris it butin aspin and these are paid things he'd but they would pay us maybe sixty five thousand show and by us you mean who's in the company well i got higher hitler we would know yes i got hired with stephen colbert correct and chris farley that's right and aims to their assassin and steve carell was i think hired a few months before i was and so noone we've hurt noone you've heard reina and and tina fey was maybe six months behind me behind you behind me i let's make this clear day young just that's she's gathering crowds and hiring gotten she learned from me that's right now watch sometimes according to legend in mr chris farley needed just a a stand in replacement yes yup my research shows that that fell on you yes i was chris farley under study which was probably the hardest job in world because just met you worked all the time no well he broke his leg ones and then he went to it was never because he was like you know through drunk or or full to perform um uh he broke his leg any when you went snl than i philbin firm and thought i was part of accompanying till they replace me but you know he's chris farley they they right for him basically and they create for him and then you try to just do a in imitation of chris farley and it's horrible and then you have to learn while i got to do with this my way and then it's like well it's not that funny because this is because so chris written for him bs written for him and it's you know so you there to learn how to trust your instincts yeah and i soon yeah it was a good learning experience that got some laughs other brother a couple of seems like the you know the the the bit from snl it a motivational speaker ensure hand down by the river scher than that guy that was a second city scene and written by bob odenkirk who was on the uh it was in company at the time also former against uh i'll be said about me when someone mentions me yet okay um.

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