A highlight from Democracy Now! 2021-02-16 Tuesday


You won't hear. In the corporate media. Democracy now is always refuse to take government or corporate funding because nothing is more important to us than our editorial independence. Nothing is more important to us than telling you the truth but that means we rely on you our audience for support please visit democracy now dot org right now and make your twenty five dollar contribution in honor of our twenty fifth anniversary and help us stay on air for another twenty five years and then another twenty five after that. Thank you so much and remember wearing a mask is an act of love wearing to is even better from new york. This is democracy now. Trump stormed at powerhouse with the mob incited and we defended our house and he violated our constitution and we defended the constitution and they tried to trash our democracy and we revived it then. We protected it. Democratic lawmakers have announced plans to set up nine eleven commission style panel to investigate the deadly insurrection at the capital january six. We'll speak with nation. Journalist elliott ms style of about why he wants to see donald trump in jail. And then we'll talk to ecuador and presidential candidate. Andrei settles a protege of president rafael kobe. On house one the first round of the election after vowing to fight austerity poverty and the pandemic there is no doubt we are in first place received overwhelming from different parts of our contracts jack mustard representative

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