A highlight from The 7 Love Letters of Jesus to His Church | Sunday Message


The bible says about love. The bible says god is love. Is there any better definition of love than that. God is love and guess what god loves you and he proved it by sending his own son. Jesus christ to die on the cross for you. Jesus said in. John three sixteen for god so loved the world he gave his only begotten son in whoever believes in him shall not perish but have ever lasting life. That's it god wants a relationship with you. Coming back. Developed day for a moment i remember when i was in elementary school. We had to give valentine's day cards to everyone in the class. No one would feel left out. There reminds me of An episode of the simpsons Cartoon tv show in which little lisa simpson valentine's card to the nerdy and unpopular. Ralph wicca because no one else was giving him any and it was a cute little card on the front of it was a little train and the words were there. I chew choo choos. You rub took this personally thought. Lisa had chosen him in pursued her for the rest of the episode. I want you to know something. God has chosen you. He show show chose you and we're told in a fees one four. He loves us and because of this he shows us and picked us out for himself as his own children before the foundation of the world. So god loves you. He he chose you. He wants relationship with you and he doesn't want anything to break that relationship in sometimes in his love he asked to correct us. And that's what we see in these love letters of jesus to the seven churches. Enter the devil just as surely as there is a god in heaven who loves you. There is a devil who hates you in wants to destroy you. Satan wants to entice you and get you to break your fellowship with god. In fact undis- the devils goal each and every day. He wants to get you. Distracted defeated ultimately destroy. Jesus ended up this way and john. Ten ten speaking of the devil. He said he comes only to steal kill and destroy so we have to understand that there is a god in heaven. Loves us wants relationship with us. There is a double headed to hell. That wants to distract us and destroy it by the way the devil never takes a day off. Wouldn't that be nice. If we found out that satan takes mondays off. I think would still get ourselves into trouble by the way even without him. Tempting us but be that as it may. The devil never takes a day off. He doesn't taken our off. He doesn't take five minutes off. In fact revelation. Twelve twelve cents. That has come down to in great anger knowing. He has a little time. Listen to this. Even there's some christians don't necessarily believe in the devil believes that jesus is coming back. Now that jim motivate us to live a godly life but knowing this time is limited knowing his days are numbered satan as trying to wreak as much havoc as the possibly cam. Don't live that scare you. Because the bible reminds us greater is he that is in you that he that is in the world. We need to be aware and we need to be prepared. So we're looking together at the book of revelation remember revelation. It's singular not plural right. So don't call it. Revelations revelation reveals it unveils a lot of things. That unveils the afterlife at unveils. The future it shows us a god who is in control of everything that is happening and is in control of everything that is coming revelation reveals the future to us but revelation also reveals us to us.

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