Podcast: Greedy factory farms? Milk without cows; Vaccine for melanoma


Fulda professor who cares about science communication. This is the weekly show where we discussed the biggest stories from the genetic literacy project to keep you informed about groundbreaking developments from the worlds of science and medicine and of course help you separate facts from fallacies as you read the headlines everybody. Welcome back to the show. Cameron and kevin here kevin. How are you what's going on doing great little bit nervous. Because it's the first time. I realized the toilet water in my house goes down backwards and i think that we just i. We may have had a polar inversion or something or australia. A i don't know if that's true at the corio coral. It's thing but i. It was the first time i've ever noticed. I've been in this place fi three years or something and anyway just i. I'm i'm a little bit disturbed today. For some reason. I th. The picture i got was coming out of your toilet. Oh swirling around the wrong direction. I know but it just was funnier. That were. I wanted to jump in because of a former start. I wanted to bring the attention to That that happened this week online. And i'd really like people to look at this Dr sarah beltran punt say or ponts She's a physician who is in her fourteen. Th week of pregnancy and she went received the covid vaccine and like so many physicians who are making very careful informed choices about their desire to vaccinate. She wanted to put this online and was excited to share her willingness to do this in the interest of public health campaign. And she did this. In six days later also revealed online that she had miscarried and the anti vaccination movement descended on her vultures. And i would love for you to follow up on this and you look on twitter. Look on social media and and see two things if you're into vaccination understand that this is what we're up against in terms of pushback if you're someone who is on the fence keep in mind that this is how horrible and hostile they are towards this mother. In this family that just underwent a loss. And if you're someone in the anti vaccine movement understand the horrible optics of this you know you even if you are against vaccination have compassion You know i it was. It was one of the saddest nights. I've had a long time to see how this physician was being. Berated torn And as a survivor of such things. I've actually sent her nice card Personally because i need to know her voice is welcome and important and needs to be there Especially when it's adverse so. I just wanted to get that off my chest today. Yeah yeah it's really thoughtful and i. I remember reading that thread. And i think at one point someone in there said to talking to me but i directed at anyone. That's that's vaccinating and they're pregnant. He said well. Congratulations on experimenting. On your unborn. Baby you must have a lot of trust in big pharma or something like that and it was just really outrageous. You know i get that people are scared of taking this new vaccine because it is i mean the technology's not brand new but the vaccine is relatively new so i understand. People are are skittish about it. And i don't fault people for not doing it and i think most most healthcare people will say that you know you can take it but you don't have to because we don't have all the data so we understand that But to to accuse someone of experimenting on their child because they have to choose between risking getting infected or taking a vaccine that may pose a risk. It seems very unlikely at this point. But it's a hard choice. So for you to accuse people of that. I think is just really over the line. Yeah because the time course doesn't match either it's not like she had a response the next day or something like that either days later. And if you were vaccinate A a thousand women in their pregnant during pregnancy or you gave them sweet potato fries or gave them chanel number five. Some number of them are going to miscarry is a natural consequence of of what happens.

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