Love in Lockup

Crimes of Passion


Love is likely the last word on anyone's mind when they envision prison but for many inmates. It's their first and last thought each day a supportive network of friends and family can help prisoners endure the harsh loneliness on the inside without it. The solitude and emotional stress of prison is only destructive. it isn't just a spiritual aig. Loneliness among inmates has real consequences for prisoners and for society at large. Before i continue please note. I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but i have done a lot of research for the show. Clinical psychologist army roku pointed out that loneliness increases both criminality and recidivism or the likelihood that an individual will become a repeat offender. If the aim of jail time is to rehabilitate inmates. It's clear that the emotional impact of such confinement can work against that goal. Julian wendy berto an activist for prison reform and a former inmate herself said of her experience at the beginning. You start making friendships. And then they leave and then you start building up new friendships. And then they leave. It's hard to relate to people when everybody's feeling the same loneliness or emptiness or fear in such a crushing environment. It's no wonder that many inmates are desperate to connect with those on the outside a simple reminder that the outside world hasn't completely forgotten about them goes a long way toward bolstering their morale pen pal organizations are the most common ways in meets connect to the outside world. Participants in a program called prisoners. Pen friends reported that the letters made them feel happier less lonely and more hopeful about their futures though many of these pen pal organizations strive to create only casual friendships. Sometimes the letters lead to more intimate connections. The hope for romance is what attracts many inmates to the programs. And it's only natural for prisoners to dream of finding a partner willing to wait for them on the other side

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