Winter storm watch issued for Houston region, 1 to 3 inches of snow expected


For snowfall. On Monday, meteorologist Frank Billingsley with our TV partner child to saying there's gonna be some accumulation Monday under three inches of snow is a possibility to the north of Houston. But it's gonna be a pretty snow. It could be a snow mixed with ice and freezing rain and sleet. Ah, quarter to a half inch ice accumulation and Houston down to the coast, a 10 Oven edge. Wow, it's gonna be an unusual snow that winter Storm watch extending through 6 P.m. On Monday, Most of the Houston area will remain above freezing for the first part of the weekend, giving everybody a chance to prepare. Expect the grocery stores to be busy stocking up for the weekend. We got popcorn. We got snacks, milk and eggs, ice cream and Gummi Bears. Boy got a lot of stuff to make stupid coming. There's The wind is still about 14 miles an hour, and that means there is a wind chill. So whatever their temperature is, subtract about 10 degrees, that'll give you an idea of what it feels like. The winds are coming in from the north. So even the wind has a cold feel right now. Ktrh

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