Marshall Cassidy, longtime horse racing caller, dies at 75 in New York home


That's a great day of racing around the country and one person who has certainly left his mark on thoroughbred racing is now the left. This world passing away on sunday at the age of seventy five is longtime naira announcer marshall cassidy who served as the new york racing association race caller from nineteen seventy nine. The nineteen ninety. Kurt naira announcer john. Embryo will be the first to tell you that. Marshall had a huge influence on his career and he now joins me to remember. Marshall cassidy johnny. Thanks for taking a little time. Appreciate it now. Good morning my concern. It's now my pleasure to be with you and Which was under different circumstances which we were talking about Marshall while you know while he was still with us but certainly some some great memories going back and what an influence was on me and what a mentor. he was I can just tell you that if it wasn't for him Wherever i've gotten It wouldn't have happened. He spent time with me. He was generous. He was Always there and I couldn't have asked for somebody better to have in the booth when i first arrived at him to To get me through those early years. I talked earlier. Johnny that the the only time i had the chance to speak with marshall was back in two thousand sixteen I called him to ask him to join me on this program and he answered the phone with that distinctive voice and that delivery that only marshall cassidy had and and i was blown away. I will never forget that. Phone call. And i'll never forget the interview. We did on travers morning with him. It was it was one of the more special things. I've been part of in my radio. Career yeah that hasn't had voice will be with us forever with the with the race goals that we have a of his and You know and that's just the way he was. I mean when he set holo he said low you know like that. I'm not even gonna try to imitate them. Leave a fight or anthony or somebody like that but You know he. He was extremely polite. Man and I guess you could almost kind of form. I mean But certainly no-one no-one more accurate than marshall And i thought about a few things this week you know after. He passed that boy. He wasn't shy about colin photo. Finishes i'll tell you that he was extremely even if accurate in that as well as as as well as the race calls in. I'm not sure if If your audience if all of them are completely aware of one thing that he did in nineteen eighty with the with the olympics. You know about that one mike. He told that story when he joined me in two thousand sixteen. But but go ahead johnny. Yeah it was the actually the the famous game. The do you believe in miracles. Yes the al. Michaels game was actually friday night. The the game for the gold medal was on sunday afternoon. I'm gonna sit around. Three o'clock don't really remember and in the middle of the call whatever race it might have been marshall says and the us wins the gold and then he went back to the coles how and on the tv was behind him so he had to turn around. Look and see that that was officially game. United states beat finland and and And he and he put that in the coal. And i think everyone knows of the of New york's easy goer winning the belmont stakes. I mean that's probably is most notable call and the other thing about mike was that you know he was there at a time and he had a frank dwyer was his backup. I call some racist for him. You know what every woman when he didn't take a lot of days off. I'll tell you that it wasn't like you know. Some guys in the winter went to florida grocery more took time off or whatever. I don't remember him taking a lot of time off so he had a voice to burn. I'll tell you he really. He really had a voice that just they were like. I said those are the days we were running six days a week. A lot and boy he was he was always there. He was always there with his trademark calls.

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