Tennis Player to Watch: Evan Furness

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Guy. I want to talk about today. Who i think has been if not the best player one of the five best players at the it level since the start of the twenty twenty season. And that's evan furnace who you look at his career trajectory for those of you. Who don't know about edmund furnace furnace twenty two years old going to turn twenty three in the frenchman had a career high in the junior rankings of number thirty six so again. That's not gonna blow you out of the water right. Furnace was in this junior slam champion. Who much was expected of. Yeah he made a third round of junior wimbledon in twenty sixteen lost his devan. ac- pass. Yeah he made you know play. A bunch of the junior slammed had good enough results to become a top fifty junior in the world. But how many top fifty. Former top fifty. Juniors in the world have never heard of pro circuit. The answer is quite a few and you know for furnace. It was steady linear progression. You look at you know. He played his first pro tour match all the way back in two thousand fourteen when he was you know a i think sixteen or fifteen or sixteen years old played. One match. Didn't win it. You know you start to look at as he went through the years in two thousand fifteen he was able to play twenty matt or twenty one matches when eleven and ten. That's he's in twenty sixteen. He goes sixteen and thirteen. You know so again. steady progression. His first full season as twenty seventeen. He goes forty two and twenty eight in pro events during that season now he did not believe make any pro finals at twenty seventeen season but pretty quickly found himself making the jump off to To playing a full time to schedule you look at what he was able to accomplish. A four evan furnished during his first few seasons twenty eighteen he makes his first two It finals he bought ends up winning in portugal. Next up david gaz in cameroon. In the end of november he ends up losing two skandal mansuri than hong kong. He ends up knocking off. Julian lens makes another final during the twenty thousand nine hundred season although it is safe to say twenty nineteen you look at the results. Furnish was able to put together. That season You know relatively unsuccessful compared to previous years human thirty three and twenty nine during that twenty nine nine season now during that twenty nineteen season. I believe he also played his largest amount of challenge matches and challenger level events. He really struggled during one thousand nine hundred eighty play you know. You look in his career in his cert- currently six thousand nine hundred nine in challenger events during the course of his career during that twenty nine th season he played i wanna say ten challenger matches and i believe he went to in two hundred eight in those ten challenger matches so that's why his record fell a little bit. He started to try to make the jump at the end of twenty nineteen but then in twenty twenty in the midst of a pandemic given it was very difficult to find playing opportunities. And if you were in the vomit zone three hundred five hundred which normally you probably get into challenge qualities given the limited playing opportunities. You're lucky to find futures events to play last year. That's what a furnace had to spend a lot of time doing and guess what that is. Where evan furnished thrived. You look at what he has done. Since the start of the twenty twenties

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