Jimmie Rodgers, singer of 'Honeycomb' and other hits, dies


Musician Jimmie Rodgers has died of kidney disease and after testing positive for covert nineteen according to his publicist Rogers died last Monday in palm desert California at the age of eighty seven I marches are a letter with a look at his career Jimmy Rogers was discovered as he played shows on a ten dollar guitar while he was stationed in Nashville with the U. S. Air Force after the Korean War he auditioned with roulette records with the song honey comb which was his first single and only number one record his other hits include secretly and kisses sweeter than wine in nineteen sixty seven Rogers was found in his car in Los Angeles with a fractured skull he said he had pulled over and an off duty police officer attacked him although he suffered muscle spasms and seizures Rogers later had his own TV show and his own theater in Branson Missouri

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