16th Annual Podcast Awards Update #430

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Everyone welcome to the new media show. Of course i wanna walk on my co host. Mr rob really robbery your ears. Burn a little bit. Oh always my ears are burning. I hear the same things going on now. I just got off an interview and the guy that was interviewing could not believe that two competitor. Still podcast together Conversation many times before and he said you within that show been s accessible via done it on your own and you know he was really thinking it would be nice. No it would not that. There's who better but people don't don't realize is that you and i go back way before we were competitor doing the show. So that's the thing we just kept going. So robert got top ache to start out here. And i and i guess i'll maybe read what i announced and then You can weigh in. Because i've been i wouldn't say challenge but i was asked today on facebook a something i honestly had never contemplated for the podcast awards so first of all. Let me read the three things. I announced yesterday a number one. Big changes for the sixteenth annual. Podcasts wards keeping the government and organization category. Now that's one. I've had trouble getting ten participants in they. Beg me to keep it And said they would help promote to get more shows participating. And then i said okay. So we're gonna keep it for released one more season and plus. I'm adding the following categories. Fake she fiction history leisure true. Now there's gonna be twenty four categories versus twenty now. The lgbt lgbtq category largely follows. The apple podcasts category listings the lgbtq category and the people's choice or to that obviously are are ones that we've done specifically from the beginning. So you know that was applauded Well and then second announcement i made is we're going to be honoring the five most influential podcasters four podcasters so podcasters. You're going to be say who is their biggest influence in twenty twenty one and then we're gonna have the five most influential podcasters for listeners. So who was the podcast that serena out of five people there so those are the two big announcements now this afternoon. I had pasted this interior. Your this morning. I pasted those announcements into the podcast movement. Podcasting group and i was asked and let me see if i can get over there and read What was asked of me They sensually asked And probably i'm five pages down here by now because of the mon- opposing happens over there. Acid was. I going to add a asian podcast category. A black podcast or category. A was i going to do a woman. Podcasts or category. Was i going to do a man podcast. Category basically instead of having in addition to the the topics category based the warriors have always been set up to be able to honor those in specific john russia's to engage their audiences. So i've never really considered up to this point because there's always there's already the black podcast awards. There's all we already. The asian podcast awards so i felt number one. I really didn't need to do that because i was infringing on their awards but the response when. I said that we weren't going to do that. Was kinda shocking. The people said well. that's sad. That's terrible you're not gonna do that in And i try to explain. We've the wards up to this point had been about categories of content john ritter content and unlisted engagement so I'm i asked in. One of the people that asked for the category was one of the people that run the asian podcasts awards if we would add an asian podcast category. I don't know how. I can just add categories but it's expensive. It's adding those new trophy. It's you know it's time on the production and so is that not so much on the production you know i've added. We've added the four categories. It does cost a considerable money for each category. I typically says about eight hundred bucks a category. So and i don't wanna look like i'm getting greedy because you have to register for category and if i just add eight new categories than people in podcasting. Space it just. I'm looking for money grabs. I could be accused of that. So i don't know i'm torn in one hand. I thought well. Maybe i should in on the other hand. I'm like me bay. Shouldn't so i don't know what do you think. Well i think one could take the position that you can try it one year and see how it goes I think we are in a time when Being being sensitive to those and creating awards based on that is it's not necessarily a horrible idea. It's it's something that you know. I think is something that could be received quite well And i think given given the the world in the attention that were trying to Shift our our focus a little bit more around equality and diversity and i think that might be a you know a now a good good step forward on that front You know i know that. The podcast kademi did not take that approach with the the nba awards. So we haven't done that so you would be breaking kind of new ground there to some degree so so then let me go through this so you know what were what the category list is. Now i just. I gotta be careful here because if i miss somebody is going to be just as bad as his right now so up. Disappointed earnings right right. We got people's choice arts business. Continuity education entertainment fiction games in hobbies government organizations health and fitness history kids in family leisure. Lgbtq music news religion spirituality science and medicine society and culture sports storyteller slash drama technology true crime tv and film. So that's twenty four. So if i was at for more. You know wh who okay. So let's let's say whether it be woman podcast of the year women podcast of

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