NFL picks, 2021 NFC Championship best bets


My FC NFC gambling picks on gonna start In the NFC Packer's going up against the Bucks. We've obviously talked a lot about these games today, and also this week the Packers are out right now. To between a three and a 3.5 point favorite. Right now, Fanduel has them at three. I don't think it's gonna matter, really, although getting three is better than 3.5, given how often the game can end on a three point line, But I feel like the Packers are gonna pull away from the box. Like what I'm seeing from them offensively. I love the defense stepping up and I think a little bit. That bucks win was smoke and mirrors against the Saints. Four turnovers from the Saints. In fact, if Jared Cook doesn't fumble late in the third quarter, I think the Saints are poised there to pull away. Remember, he was running in the open field had a first down was gonna put the Saints near to feel Gold territory. If he just goes down on that play and does not fumble at that point in time, the Saints were up seven. They have a good chance to go up double digits. I'm impressed immensely by what Tom Brady has been able to accomplish with this Tampa Bay Buccaneer team. But I actually think the Packers are playing the best of any team in the NFL right now down the stretch at home, potentially some weather issues we know Brady has played well in weather. I think a lot of his Tampa Bay teammates will not coming from sunny Florida to Lambeau. I think it could have an impact on them and on this game, and as a result, I like the Packers in Lambeau to get it done to cover the three or the 3.5, depending on where you get it. I also like The over in this game. I think both quarterbacks offensive performances kind of rounding into shape. I like that. The Bucks. We're taking chances down the field, lot of playmakers at both wide receiver and running back for both these teams. In addition to the proven signal callers in Brady and in Rogers I like the over 51 a half and I like the Packers minus the three or minus the 3.5 dub. How would you break down the NFC Championship game? Do you agree or disagree with my take there? I definitely agree with the Packers side and usually the three or 3.5 is. It's usually a big deal. But I think this should this line should be higher. I think that should be like 4.5 ago. Five or 5.5 even The Packers have been dominating. They've been playing really, really good football. The Bucks they've been winning. But you could point back to the match up earlier in the season 38 to 10, which some of you are, you're going to say, Well, look at what happened when the box played against the Packers. That was week six. And you go ahead. Make your case, but I don't think it's very reflective. I mean, if you want to use prior weeks, I mean, the saint whipped the bucks two times in the regular season without any difficulty at all. And then the box came back and one in the third week. Every game is new, and I'm not worried it really that concerned with the first match up. Yeah, I'm not either I'm with you and I think E mean, this is believe it or not the first time Aaron Rodgers as ever hosted it, NFC Championship game. That's wild. I don't think he's gonna let this opportunity go to waste. I think the Packers Probably the best team in the NFL. Right now. I think they win this game by at least a touchdown. The over under. I'm not really sure I that feels about right to me. I think Green Bay if you're looking, if you want to play it over, maybe play their team total over. As if we like them as much as we do, minus the 3.5. You gotta assume what's the team total right now. 28 like that around there, So let's see what's 50 live math on the air as we know it's not our greatest strength 51 divided by two 25 years now, but it usually 26 27 in that right. I think they're going to score at least four touchdowns. Let's put it that way so that I'll get you over the 28. So I like the Packers minus the points here as well.

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