Several weeks. And the minute I started going on it.


Wow. And maybe you can share again for those that may have just joined us some of the responses that you get from people that have been taking your formula. And what kind of results have they seen? Let me tell you my own story. So over the summer I didn't take as much my Detroit has actually traveling. And I ran out of it. So what happened to me that you know, I'm basically pain free. But all this When I started having pain in my hands, I know what is this? This is weird. But then I realized that I had run out of my D three formula and I went off of it for several weeks. And the minute I started going on it. It took about seven, maybe eight days, The pain went away. Crazy. That's how you know something's working right? If you stop and the health issues come back. Well, there's your answer. That's the best test that anyone can listen, too, especially if you're on the fence you're going. Oh, I wonder if this is really for me and what I would do. Chris's next time you give out the number

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