A positive test upon his arrival in Green Bay Stories about Abel Clay. What do


Run over to the you know to the team after not really being with them. Yeah, It's really strange because he always that the situation last week with your belt here who came in late with the Packers and 40 19 Brian Blogger was hurts. And And don't you came in after playing with the money that was cool partners on the coded 19 reserve list yet a positive test upon his arrival in Green Bay Stories about Abel Clay. What do you know the code rules being able to have, Um, you know a veteran player on your practice squad, and that's what the Packers ultimately did. That's what the Ravens have done with Sherman Williams. Aaron Rodgers is really excited to have come on back. They have a really good relationship. And, um, you know against reminds one of those guys is upper thirties as well, Just like you and Rogers. Irritated federally. This week. I hope you play 70 snaps now seven Kings questionable with him back. I don't think that Molly is gonna play 70 snaps but due to their health outside of dire Alexander and the trust level, But they have off some of the other corners behind Kevin thing. I think there's a chance that tomorrow Williams plays You know, a decent tutor snaps today for the Green Bay Packers and his cellphone man With this like defense that the Packers we're gonna be able to get away with something like that. Alright, gave you got a final score for us today. I think that Aaron Rodgers has been waiting for this for a long time. What I mean by. This is an NFC championship game at home. This is not your spent NFC championship game of his career. In the previous four that he started, I should say, because he was on the roster for the last one that was in Green Bay, but the previous for which he started unfolding on the road, and he really wanted that label Cos Got it Today. I think that the Packers ultimately pull it out. It's gonna be a tight wants to be close one, but they ultimately pull it out. 28 24 over Tampa Bay Buccaneers Game night so you can hear a Monday through Friday agenda gave and chewy on ESPN. Milwaukee, 94.5 also Packer fans. You want toe tune into some packer post pre and post. You could do that by going to your smart speaker about numbers say you probably just say ESPN, Milwaukee or 94.5. You could figure it out. You don't pay your smart speakers, right? Have a good one should be fun, and one way or another should be a fun game and we'll see if you're playing in a couple of weeks. Certainly looking forward to it. And thanks for having me on guys. No, thank you gave this game nights holed up in ESPN, Milwaukee and, Yeah, it's just, I mean, just it's been a while since Bears fans have been able to be excited. About An NFC championship game and getting all geeked up and you know, it's nice for Packer fans. You have to worry about the first game being played and you see there waiting and waiting and waiting. You got first game, Brady and Rogers will talk more about it. And if there are Packer fans out there

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