On income taxes, capital gains taxes, Social security taxes and so much more


Cattleman Show. We have a new administration in Washington, D. C hearty congratulations to President Joe Biden. And his entire administration and Vice President Camel, A. Harris and all of the members of Congress reelected elected for the first time in both the House and the Senate. As is always the case with a new administration. Optimism reigns in the country or at least I hope that is the attitude that all Americans have today because quite frankly, we don't have a choice, Do we? There is a so called honeymoon period that always occurs with the election of any new president. And that honeymoon period classically 90 days where Congress is happy to give the president whatever he wants as a show of good faith, a show of bipartisanship and effort to move the country forward. I hope that the president enjoys a honeymoon period of four years so the country can move forward. But my suspicion is that the 100 period might already be over. We have so many seriously issues that our nation is facing. On so much divisiveness at the moment, so many people so unhappy about the election results that I suspect we're going to be getting down to hard work. Immediately And in fact, President Biden has wasted no time on day one of his presidency. As you saw earlier this week, the president issued a variety of executive orders. I'll run through this list quickly for you. I'm sure you've seen it elsewhere in the media.

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