Say Yes To Your Kids


Message is pretty simple. Say yes now. This is not say yes to address the wedding show. This is say yes to your kids. This is yes to the moment that they want to play trains downstairs. This is yes to when your daughter comes up to you in plays wants to play barbies. This is say yes going outside. If you're in the winter playing in the snow this is saying yes to something in your life that you've been saying no to in our conversation. We talked about it a lot. That the ability of dad's just to get lost in the day to day stuff that we do and not be with the day to day stuff that we do is so so profound in core. That message is that we need to learn to say yes more because let me tell you. There are so many moments in your day. Because i have. I'm right there with you. This advice is a reminder for myself as well there are so many moments where my littlest one comes in and she wants ten minutes of my time and do. I just want to do something. I just wanna get an email out the door. And i hear you because during virtual learning if your kids are still at home when you're trying to get work done if you've got a fulltime job i get it. It is not easy. Let me tell you as my kids went back an hour into it on my on tuesday. When the first day it went back. I was already missing him for the idea. That even had that thought. I'm like are you drunk. It was absolutely chaos for the last two months of virtual learning but then my phone damn apple created this memory video of all the different things that they had done during my time with them this past two months and it was absolutely amazing. I remembered all times going sledding. All the time having fun outside all the things we built in the snow. And i was reminded that i did say yes quite a bit at times. Even in the midst of chaos even in the midst of just trying to get some work done and getting ill debt that. I can't do math mountains for my first grader. All of that it was hard. It was difficult and it wasn't easy but learning to say yes is a simple thing and it sounds. It's two words. Say yes but it can be such a shift in your mentality. That i need to leave what i'm doing to go do something else. I want to back this up with a story going all the way back to this past summer and twenty twenty that. There's many moments where i just wanted do work and my wife was home during the summer and i have easily just closed the door. Lock myself in and pretended like our head and eight to five job. But i didn't. There was many times where. I would recruit half the neighborhood to go on a bike ride. And we'll probably have like kids out with me sometimes and people give me a weird looks and i'm like don't worry they're not all mine but let me tell you what happens when i said yes in those moments when i said yes to those moments i had some of my best ideas for this podcast when i'm out engaging with my kids. I've had the best ideas for something next. I'd had the best ideas for new podcasts ideas on the other side of saying us so i want to tell you that on the other side of saying yes is potentially something that can change your life now. That sounds crazy because your mind probably saying casters. Just wild emotions. There's probably a fighting. Why would i want to say yes to that. Because when you enter that chaos and you learn to be calm within the chaos you create this idea that love is surrounding yourself because you're like man breaking super chaos right now but man. My kids love me. I love them. What a great moment in those moments where you can receive the love. The chaos all at once and find humor in sometimes. I remember going for those bike rides and just being like fuck. I'm one lottery amount riding bikes with my kids. It's summer it's just feels like a million bucks. And i mean now looking back and it's winter i'm like damn those days were the good ones but say yes because on the other side of that yes could be. The one thing that is ongoing to unlock repeatedly over time not made it'd be the first time maybe the second time but if you repeat this i am positive that you re engage with your kids on a moment by moment basis ten minutes at a time you can really make a dent in their behavior. You can really make a dent in their loved inc. All of that can be changed on the other side of. Yes so guys say yes when your kids come up to you. I you to do it for one week to give them. Don't tell me during do it. Because they'll probably abuse it but say yes. Every time they come in adult talent. Like i said. Don't tell them you're gonna say yes every time you can try to pause or try to come up with an excuse. Why not but every time. It's possible try to challenge yourself every time the next seven days after hearing this podcast whenever you hear sally yes to your kids when they want you to do something and notice how you feel differently after engaging ten minutes notice after seven days how much more gratitude you have for being a father noticed so much more gratitude you have for life notice. How much more gratitude you have for your wife because you and her both created this abundant ball of anger and love and joy all at the same time all of that can happen on the other side of saying yes

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