A highlight from Episode 56 The Rescue


Dive week by week. It's a season two at the mandalorian this week. It's episode eight chapter sixteen the rescue. Now we do go and say. Hey evy spoilers for this episode. So if you've not seen it then go and watch it now. So disney plus and stay on social media until you've watched it and then come back so anyway chris how you doing. I'm doing very well. It's starting to get code Was going to have to wrap up. And i'm sad to see stallworth. Come close will this year. Yep especially this chapter of the mandalorian. It's been a rollercoaster ride after. Say chris i've really enjoyed coming online and speaking you about on because it's great for me and you took for chatter know because it's actually meet because of the old dreaded virus but this show is an absolute phenomenal for me and the editor inside of it is been a nightmare. Can them out. Once a week. I usually stick out to a month boats One a week has been absolutely a nightmare. I'll turn out some people. Do it really props. I eddie everything maybe so shall we jump straight into it. Yes go because this was a long episode as well. I think it was by now. Swing like forty four. I think it was forty six minutes so nice go after a you wanna hear mind. Yes it's time to organize a rescue and the mandalorian is on the lookout for team so with the help of fat and a stolen imperial. She'll do they invest the help of boca tan and cusco reeves in return for boca tans. Help she will be getting a gruza to eight. Our quest to fremantle and the dog. Sabo for muff gideon but the help of a captured dr passion. The mandalorian car dune bo. Catan kochka finnick storm the cruiser. But can they rescue. Baby grew before the dog troopers power. What an abso. When the side you could you could say that. This episode of star wars and the mandalorian had for old fans but does have new fans aka funds. The original trilogy. You grew what would they original tate then funds who obviously grew up wave climbing walls. And i'm rebels and levels on the much in this absolute decompose quickly. Talk about on express how we feel. So let's get right in this case whip so. This episode was written by jon favreau and it was directed by praitun read. He did the adleman films. He did for disney. So it's a really good direct talk alike. He style the last time he directed an episode a had a giant ant plane so back with the mechanic in the county was like bars for mob. You give us one year on. Yeah it was anthony. Wasn't it maybe as an act but this episode starts off straight into was slight one. Firing acts eight imperial shuttle to set the scene planning in the background. A shift. who goes last on the slave. Wom is now in jas is the same. One guest poser. The show stars do in abrasive action. The shuttle then gap i on blasted by the slave. One disabling all of this engines. It was fantastic now. This imperial shitsu at two pilots and want to pershing. What's going on. who are they. I suggest you shut. Your mouth is in your laboratory. That's when while the fat says graduate docked that was amazing our the actually the special effects in this base is proper filled quality proper quality in. I don't get tired of slave. Ones laser blast map this is so good and With the ion shot as well. Disengage all transponders voting their pirates. Should we fight. I don't have a death. Wish the and then the slave one comes up writing front of Of the culprit to show you like i mean business and then he talks now. I was thinking. Where does it talk. When i was like partic- like like a little docking funnel. Some 'cause i you know i've i've the shohei but i've got a little model of an imperial show slate one. It's obviously so i'm trying. Yeah i'm trying to so workout. Where they where they would talk on these two two out of the. It's i think it's one of those things black david to to explain. Yeah they talk and june bubba fat on din woken into the bridge into the brand instantly. We see that the empire is crumbling because it shows who's just that for a job and who believes in the pile. Yeah on you stop with the pilots. Being obviously one of bean's really scattered. I think goes like. I'm not with these. I just. I'm just here like i. Just do my job 'unique credits. He gets shot. The other pilot shoots have yet to eat the the deaf the deaf did he was it. Felt like somebody just took cold water. Downey's bag before you make a mistake. This dr pershing we've met. Is the kid alive. Yes he's on the cruise stay backdrop easy. No okay. i'm not with him. We can work something book and then the other pilot take off her hushing as hostage yet on stance whole king to carry dune yet. But he's insane eight it. He really is intimidating about ryan's about the planet odor on i. I was on the station. Yeah and she's not which one which stationed there was two yet but it was really interesting this conversation because he actually did say what. We've all thought you know how many thousands of millions of people that are on the on those two stations job. You know. now you listen to me. This is a top tier target of the new republic misses a clone engineer. And if they find out the keys dead because of you you're gonna wish you never left the alderman. I saw the tear. You wanna know what else i saw. I saw your planning destroyed. I was on the guest star. You think funny. Do you know how many millions were killed on those basis. So you know. We've always said that. Luke could be tried as a as a for mass genocide. Really the funny point about it is if they really want you to explain why this pilot survived. Desta was because he was probably in the throne room. That's built like a black box. Yeah that's true. Yeah yeah

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