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You know back in march when you're going from that many patients down to fifteen. It was horrible and lot of people were furloughing doctors. A lot of people are laying off people adventure say. We're one of the few. If not only doctor's office in mobile we didn't lay off any physicians. We have really good partners and we care about our dogs. We care about our staff. We just hung tight took a loss and hope for the best and tried to come up with new ideas and new ways of generating income. And that's where tell health comes in. That's where it testing on the side comes in that's where pre-operative testing comes in. We did a lot of stuff that people maybe weren't interested in we were able to get through. And now you ask me. it's total different ballgame. now it's the opposite. We're trying to take the load off the clinics. But i'm also wearing enough to know. This could change overnight and we could be back to know patients again. Hey buddy welcome to the show. Today we have. Dr darren waters. He and his sister had the greater mobile. Urgent cares in town. They're not just physicians. they're also business. People and i'm so interested to hear was going on with him especially during these. Hey i'm karen. I'm a former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to cheers to business. Dr darren waters of greater mobile. Urgent care welcome to the studio. Thank you glad to be here. Thank you for having me. So i actually had met you years ago when you first opened the first greater mobile urgent care. Did you realize that of course did you. Did you ever been you know now. Lisa peacock who is a wonderful. Cpi back ploughs servants simmons and she helped you get started at. Lisa's wonderful. I still have a lot of respect for lisa. Oh absolutely she's just a good person to so i knew you from there and of course watching the urgent cares grow. Now i happened to win a cost. The swain sinus podcast. And you were a guest on two shows. I went and listen to it. Everybody wants to know your story and how you started. I wanna know about what's right now so back in october. Twenty third two thousand seventeen at three years ago. I noticed some couple of interesting things. One you had five urgent cares at that time. So you've gone from one to five okay all right. So how many now. We have six six. So you've added one more in that three years. Okay so what tim. She added a new location. More customer need. There's a big need for urgent care. There's a lack of access to primary care in the community in general and urgent care. Bridges that gap where you don't want to go to the er you're not sick enough to go to the e r and you can't get in to see your doctor in. That's what we're therefore. I think it's just brilliant idea where they already popping up around the country. All my idea. I'm just kidding. It's been around the country. This is not my idea I actually went to console mountains chicago in. They're all over the place in chicago and we worked with them and came down here. And and Started greater mobile origin care. I was involed back when i was with. The did a lot of medical work. And i noticed that not all physicians make good business owners. That's definitely correct. Yes are their wives dot make really great office managers correct. Yes you didn't know. I was there but kind of watching over the years. And what i've been impressed with is that you are a physician as an entrepreneur and that's a very vague term now but it doesn't have to be because i think that you found a need and you said just a second ago and i think that is so smart because if there's need and you price it right you have yourself a business so you said on that show that open twenty four seven fast and great service Er we're not open twenty four seven. I'm i'm available. Twenty four seven. But you know unlike that is where there's always a role for the mercy department heart attack stroke very sick people. They need to go the your. We're not trying to replace that at all. You know we're opener west mobile location to eleven o'clock at night so after that there is nothing else open but the emergency department. But we've even time things out by what we see in the community. If you drive around mobile in general after ten o'clock it's it's dead so we pretty much limited or hours to what we thought the community needed in the rare situations after that. That's when you. You still need to go if you feel like you can't wait till the next morning. So how do people know when they need to go to. The er and that was the hardest part of educating the public at the very beginning. We shane and i went to several talks. Rotary club things like that and we put it on our website but any life threatening. I got chest pain severe abdominal pain weakness loss of use of one side. Worse head of my life. Those are things that need a higher level care in ego the are shot. Go to the are believe it or not. They've shown up at our front door and of course when we're not open you need to the mercy department. What do you think even small offices urgent cares. What's the biggest problem right now. One of the main problems. We're having right now as we can't handle the call volume. Are they trying to make appointments. They're well they're calling in to get results. They're calling to see if we have the rapid tests. They're calling to see we do. Pcr they're calling you you name it. They're calling hey. I need a school. Excuse work excuse i was just saying. I'm not feeling any better. You name it whether it's front desk calls or nursing calls and we can't get to every phone call caring for the people in caring for the staff and then you hear. Hey you need to hire more staff. Well a fire. Three more people to them just went out with covid and we can't hire anymore staff than what we're doing so that's one of the complaints we get so we've even put partner. My sister now is doing nothing but answering emails. Wow info at gm. Uk dot com. So hey what's my result. Hey i need to be tested. I want to go to the hut.

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